I want to thank all who gave me advice on this trip. We had an awesome ride and all of your suggested routes we're right on the money. Tuesday -We went from GG bridge to Napa, up Silverado trail to 128 Sage Canyon Road to Berryessa Rd. spent night in Middletown.
Weds- 29 south to 128 to Geyersville. Skaggs road through mountains and redwoods to PCH at Stewart,s Point. Took 1 south to Bolinas faifax road ( quite challenging on 700+ lb Harley, friends were not happy with this one) to ridgecrest over Mt. Tam to Panoramic Hwy, back to Eagle Rider at 4:45 pm. Spent the night in city and flew back home to Long Island next morning.

Thanks again for all your route advice, kindness, and hospitality. California is a motorcycling paradise. I'll be back again next year.