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Thread: West Coast in Sept.

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    West Coast in Sept.

    Hi guys, Lot's of good info! 4 of us are doing the west coast in Sept. We are for sure eating rib steaks at Jocko's! Looking for input on must do's, we have 14 days to travel Oregon and California coasts. Using motels, riding crusiers. Coming back thru the deserts but not routed yet; idea's???? Must do roads??? Am planning on looping off #1 and #101 a lot, so asking for help!??? Thanks much in advance! robo

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    Re: West Coast in Sept.

    Will probably need to help with some maps but things I would try to do on the way down (when I have people form out of state that want to ride, these are the places I try to get them too):

    From the Oregon Border
    Oregon Caverns
    Lost Coast Highway
    Avenue of the Giants
    Hwy 36 (Maybe a 299/36 loop)
    Skaggs Spring Road
    Farifax/Bolinas Road
    Golden Gate Bridge view point on the North Side
    Conzelman and Bunker Road for a view of the GGB from the west side.

    South of the Golden Gate Bridge
    Skyline (Hwy 35)
    HWY 9
    Carmel Valley Road
    HWY 58 to HWY 33 through Ojai
    HWY 2 (Angeles Crest Hwy)

    From there heading inland, there are lots more options. I will leave the Oregon stuff to those locals.
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    Re: West Coast in Sept.

    Dont forget to hit the Rock Store (for mega bike porn) on Mulholland hwy in Agoura on a Sunday. Tons of awesome canyon roads near it.

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    Re: West Coast in Sept.

    Quote Originally Posted by TallRob View Post
    Dont forget to hit the Rock Store (for mega bike porn) on Mulholland hwy in Agoura on a Sunday. Tons of awesome canyon roads near it.

    The Rock Store if you're there is worth the stop just cuz it is pretty cool on the weekends.

    What's the other one on the coast? Neptune's Net? Another big biker spot.

    PCH (Hwy 1) is better midweek although Sept you won't have the summer winniebagels slowing things down.

    +1 on 33!!

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    Re: West Coast in Sept.

    Astoria is a nice town to visit. The north coast is more expensive and touristy. South on 101 is Newport. You could go inland on 20 and the head back to the coast on 34. 34 is a great road. Cape Fowlweather has a great view and you might see a whale too. Yahats is a good stop.
    More later; when i get home. I'm up at Crater Lake doing my ski patrol duty.

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    Re: West Coast in Sept. Northern California and Washington, for Oregon. Can't speak for S.California.

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