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Thread: Goat Road is in season...

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    Curvy Road Goat Road is in season...

    As we all know, motorcycles are some of the best fun available, street or it was barn-stormin' dirty-street as in backroad goaty twisted roads in the hills of Marin/Sonoma County...actually quite fun, if a bit rough, but still all pavement... think roller coaster with a little traffic and no centerlines, trees/rocks/cows/bicycles and views of the hills and valleys, the ocean and some foggy stuff for the chill of it...all at speeds usually 15 to 60, more or less...271 miles of rock and roll motorcycle fun in the coastal hill and 40 MPG...Many thanks to Steve/exwingnut for a solid and safe lead today...

    This was a low pic ratio ride - Steve and I sometimes don't ride real slow, nor stop a lot. But here's a teaser or two...we wandered from Lucas Valley Rd. through Tomales/Occidental/Cazadero/Annapolis and down the Coast Highway to Bodega Bay... the roads probably all have names...I mostly didn't notice today, it was just one corner after another, for hours and miles and many smiles...y'all need to get out there - it's prime rib goat
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    Re: Goat Road is in season...

    Can you map that?

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    Re: Goat Road is in season...

    Bears are waking from their winter naps … and they are hungry.

    First course … prime rib. heh.

    Great advice.

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    Re: Goat Road is in season...

    I have been on this road but not with my motorcycle, I should go and visit again, I like Skaggs Springs part. Annapolis have some serious blind turns which I am really careful cause I cannot see or hear other cars coming by I know its rare but most likely they will take entire road.
    Some dirt on turns so careful if you venture here but I love it. Make sure to stop and rest a bit at Lake Sonoma overlook before tackling that road heading to Annapolis towards Highway 1

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