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Thread: iPhone Power cable

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    iPhone Power cable

    I am looking for an iPhone power solution for my ER6n.
    I came across the PPC-026-DB in the Pashnit store.
    I have no knowledge on such installs, and am wondering if the 60 inch length
    would be OK for my ER6n. Is it a standard length for any bike?

    Anyone has experience with this?


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    Re: iPhone Power cable

    Length of the cable all depends on where you want to put your iPhone. 60" is 5 feet ... if you are connecting directly to the battery, and it is under the seat ... you are probably going to have extra cable to coil up and hide some where ... better than not enough.
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    Re: iPhone Power cable

    I did the power inverter route. With the inverter I can charge any of my battery operated devices with their own 110 v cord.

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    Re: iPhone Power cable

    I got a 12V lighter socket from Pep Boys and use a car charger.

    On my SV650 I had it wired straight to the battery. I never left the iPod on the bike so it was always unplugged or sufficiently low power it wouldn't drain the starter battery.

    The previous owner of my Beemer had a Touratech TPS-15 wired to the bike so it won't stay on & drain the battery when the bike is off. It cuts out when the starter motor is run, so he may not have wired it right.
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