Was out ridng in the twilight last night on Alhamra Valley Rd; going slow as I KNOW that Bambi and his crew are out in force this time of year (there is nothing like a crisp moonlit night to make a young bucks mind turn to playing chicken with the motoring public.)

Came around a fairly tight corner, saw headlights shining on the trees ahead and slowed even more and turned off about 200 watts of light (those of you who have seen my bike know that I have ever light producing device know to man) so as to not blind the poor oncoming driver, and moved to the right a little; took a glance at the right shoulder to make sure I had a clear path; looked back to the left just in time to see the driver of a nice new Jag locking all four up as he slid into my lane as he tried to avoid the aforementioned Bambi and his harem. There were deer to the left of me, deer to the right of me, and dead ahead was good ol' Bam Boy leaping over the hood of the car to escape.

I stopped so quick I stalled the Bea-mer; jerked to a stop even before the Jag stopped sliding (Odd feeling, that... watching a car slid towards you with the wheels turned to extreme lock as the drivers eyes get so big that they eclipse the entire windshield.)

He stopped about 15' in front of me, the deer scattered like underage drinkers at a kegger when the cops show up, and yours truly pulled over to the side of the road to see if the roll of toilet paper I always carry was enough for myself and the passenger in the car. The driver just sat there, white knuckling the steering wheel, watching visions of his new Jag eating big venison steaks dance in his head.

The moral of the story? Deer are a problem, but try to stay out from between a Jaguar (or any large predetor) when they are on the prowl.

Ride safe y'all!