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Thread: Tior Air Pressure

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    Tior Air Pressure


    me and gladys wanna know if we should use recycled air... will we have the same pressure as 1st gen air in our tiors on our new indian roadmaster...

    c s
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    Re: Tior Air Pressure

    As the, hopefully, warmer air is coming and so is the warmer weather. You will need to get rid of the Winter air and look for cans of Summer air.
    You might find it expensive if you are in the mountains. As the Summer air is compressed at higher altitudes.
    Canadian air is cheaper.
    I bought some from a Nigerian Prince. He said it is imported from the Canadian Rockies. Sent an express money payment for $2000 usd.
    I was told it will last longer, hence the extra price.
    Oh well. The girlfriend can go without food for a couple of weeks. Lots of free water from the stream down the road. C`est La Vie.

    P.S. Beautiful bike.

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