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Thread: Pashnit Reborn??

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    Re: Pashnit Reborn??

    Quote Originally Posted by batt5 View Post
    I really don't know exactly where that was... We stopped for a break and I thought it was a pretty good opportunity to take a snapshot... Friday 7-21 before Gray Eagle Golf Course (lunch) that general area...

    Maybe someone that knew the route will chime in and reveal the exact location...
    I wasn't on that ride, but from past experiences of being in that area, I think it's somewhere close to 39.614009, -120.601446

    Nice place to ride!

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    Re: Pashnit Reborn??

    Quote Originally Posted by sglide4me View Post
    I have missed this forum also, still check in here once in awhile. I have met some wonderful people on this forum, I hope it stays alive.
    Hi Ron

    The fires are up here this year. It's been close or over a 100 for many days with smokey sky's for almost 3 weeks.

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    Re: Pashnit Reborn??

    Quote Originally Posted by hercbr View Post
    I think it's somewhere close to 39.614009, -120.601446
    I just mapped your coordinates and you're way off! It looks like the picture was taken about 13 inches further to the left.


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