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Thread: What would you change about the Pashnit site(s)? The Think-Tank Thread.

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    Typing Computer What would you change about the Pashnit site(s)? The Think-Tank Thread.

    Been dwelling on this lately- thought I'd post it in open forum & see what happens. So much new stuff lately, 2005 was quite a year in Pashnit Land. Very pleased to celebrate six years of Pashnit in an internet world where things have a tendency to come and go. What a ride this has been as things continue to expand! The forum is growing at an amazing pace (50,000 visitors per mo), the photography by members (which I'd estimate at 25,000 photos in 15 months) on the forum is just stunning , and this weekend (Dec 16) I'm headed off to my first motorcycle trade show. And it's typical for the folks I meet to share their ideas with me so thought I'd ask you first.

    I'm aware of some inherent flaws built into the pashnit site, but aside from that, I'd really like to know... feel free to be as critical as you like.

    So put on your 'Think-Tank' cap. Mainly interested in things you'd change / do / expand (if you were king for a day) or new ideas and directions for the Pashnit Realm to go.

    New things you'd like to see?
    Directions you'd like to see the pashnit websites go?
    Major projects that should be undertaken?
    Areas where I've totally missed the boat?
    Ways to make the ''s California Motorcycle Roads' even better?

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    Re: What would you change about the Pashnit site(s)?

    For example, Alan suggested a PASHNIT CREDIT CARD. Partner up with a major issuer, and make some sort of arrangement with them, and then issue to the card to all the PASHNIT members! Admittedly, I have no idea where to start with something like that, but it's a great example of how far can you take this 'concept of Pashnit'. Over the years, I have had people share tons of ideas with me, and you'd be surprised how many of them have slowly found their way into the pashnit site(s). I have said on occasion that I've never invented anything, I've just improved on existing ideas.

    Another major project, for example, is my Website that's been on the backburner for several years actually. We have webpages for every road in California - how about 'On-Board Ride Video' of every Road in California. This is coming & an example of a massive new project that I've wanted to get to for some time.

    Another example is all the T-Shirts & Goodies in the Pashnit Store is an idea thought up by forum members. The forum members asked for logos & stickers & t-shirts and it took several months to set up but once it was up and running, it's worked out great. And yes, people do buy even the unusual items - doggie shirts, aprons, & stamps too.

    The Pashnit Forum Calendar is another idea thought up by forum members- the result has been exciting with the fantastic photos posted around here. (btw, we're going to start working on next years soon!!)

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    Re: What would you change about the Pashnit site(s)?

    1. one thing comes to mind immediately, some sort of riding clinics ala Doc Wong, where coaches/instructors come and lecture and give riding coaching. It could be sponsored by Pashnit and for a modest fee (Doc Wong charges $20) could provide some excellent tips to pashnit riders.

    2. Another thought that has floated thru the forum in the past is a Pashnit Track day at Thunder Hill...

    3. These ideas add variety to the pashnit gatherings that have been so popular, and with the Pashnit brand-name ( ) who knows what sort of deal could be worked out.

    4. The calendar worked out, how about Christmas and Holiday greeting cards with M/C pics and captions?

    5. One cool thing about the CMR site is it's free and with no ads...something that might have to change for economics, but can hopefully remain as it is for some time. Modest, static ads are not objectionable IMO if they are M/C related and not too obtrusive, I surf away from obnoxious Flash-filled sites as fast as I can...

    6. On the Tours front, how about some simple 1 night tours in between the 3-4 day ones? Do at least 1 or 2 a month and orient them to the budget-motel and/or camping crowd to keep them cheap to participate in. Use guest tour leaders (selected from the forum riders with leadership skills and experience?) as needed to facilitate and guide the riders. This could increase the exposure to organized tours and fill bookings for the main tour dates...without further stressing your calendar commitments for other projects.

    7. Another idea floated around previously is a pashnit camera and photography workshop. My photo-opportunity rides were conceived with this in mind, and if you organized such a day-ride series, I am sure it will be well attended (a modest fee/donation might be appropriate for this as well)

    OK, that wrings my brainstormin' little mind dry for now...

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    Re: What would you change about the Pashnit site(s)?

    The more this site grows so does the need for a fatter pipe and better servers,bandwidth isn't cheap.You're going to have to start selling ad space to help cover costs and if you can't, then maybe restrict some options of the site and sell "memberships" that allow more user features.
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    Re: What would you change about the Pashnit site(s)?

    Dual Sport tours.

    A dirt bike section.

    A members help/contact area/database.
    - Sort of a member locator if your seeking "local" help, tools, etc.

    A Calander section
    - For members to post rides in a "visual" calandar format.
    - List ride destination with links to more detail

    California Motorcycle Roads Button on the Forum
    - "not" hidden in the pulldown

    A Bi-Annual Pashnit Gathering
    - OH... wait!

    A "sticky" for this thread.

    That's all I can think of for the moment.
    Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of fuel before you can think straight!

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    Re: What would you change about the Pashnit site(s)?

    Limit access to the "classified" section to established members with a minimum number of posts, to avoid people with 1 post from signing up soley for the purpose of trying to sell things for twice of what they're worth.

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    Re: What would you change about the Pashnit site(s)?

    Quote Originally Posted by m0t0-ryder
    Dual Sport tours.


    It's the journey, not the destination.


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    Re: What would you change about the Pashnit site(s)?

    One thing on the site I have often looked for are threads pertaining to a certain issue or event & wanted to go back for reference or info. I have a hard time finding it. Is there a way to "search" for that sort of stuff?

    If you're going to add a dual sport section heck add a cruiser section too, but I like the way we all intermingle here & don't want to see anyone go off in "my style of bike" mode.

    All in all I find the way the site is set up to be very easy to follow and never (knock on wood) have problems loading stuff. aLL THE PICS SEEM TO LOAD QUICKLY & RARELY ARE THE DREADED RED x

    oH YEAH NOW THAT i LOOK AT MY TPYONG! a SPEELIN CHICKEN (thats spell check for real typists)FOR TYPOS LOLOOLOL

    I give this site a

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    Re: What would you change about the Pashnit site(s)?

    I think with so many of us using GPS these days a forum for this should be a consideration.


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    2cents Re: What would you change about the Pashnit site(s)?

    In keeping with the suggestion for clinics and track days, how about a forum dedicated to skills and safety? We have many levels of experience on the site and I've seen even experienced riders praise some of the riding courses they've taken. We can all learn something. I've seen beginning riders and rusty old-farts (including myself) trying to keep up with faster riders on a group ride.

    I've seen threads on riding at night, in the fog, in rain, in traffic, lane-splitting, and how many feet to put down at a stoplight. These could be much more helpful if they were all in one area. This would be a good place to discuss clinics, "The Pace," and group riding techniques.
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