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Thread: Pashnit Photography at the IMS Motorcycle Show- Thanks to all

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    Pashnit Photography at the IMS Motorcycle Show- Thanks to all

    What a show. Even emotionally overwhelming. I think in a sense I got to come face to face with the average everyday joe that uses the site that I've created. And they came by in droves. Sometimes 10-15 deep waiting, just standing in line, to shake my hand. That was amazing. At times, I joked I was going to set up turnstiles and we'd line them all up like a wedding party and I'd get to shake everyones hand one at a atime to make sure i hit everyone.

    Special thanks to everyone that stopped by, and all the new folks I got to talk to and excitedly share about the explosive growth of the Pashnit Forum, the 400gigs of bandwidth I'm pushing, all the new projects we're working on behind the scenes, the California Motorcycle Roads site and of course being able to spend a few moments with riders to talk about the excitement of the Pashnit Tours- introducing folks to this motorcycling paradise we live in. Tim, Shawn & I had a great time- a whirlwind really.

    Joe's video which you can download here was a huge hit. People stood and watched the entire 12 minutes start to finish, other times they watched 4-5 deep. Kudos to Joe for listening to my vision of what a short film of our tours could be like and being able to translate that into a workable vid. Great job- it was the surprise hit the show. It played non-stop for all three days of the show.

    And this wouldn't be Pashnit if we didn't have some pics. I barely left the booth the entire weekend, too busy, but I did get a chance to quickly walk around the show before it opened to the public.

    Our booth right before the show opened up. The laptops were set up so you could surf the Pashnit Tours site or the CA Moto Roads site.

    The stunt guys practicing b/f everyone got there

    I have long been fascinated by Ural's and finally got a chance to photograph several. The camo one is my favorite!

    The new ZX-14 by Kawasaki was um, interesting. I suppose it's going to be one of those bikes you either love or hate the looks of.

    Ah the Busa. Gotta spend some time over here.

    Little GSXR 1000

    Then there was that new VRod. Awesome!

    And the Victory bikes were all decked out. So custom!

    Then there was the Ducati's. Can't help but fall in love.

    Some of the more interesting bikes were by Arlen Ness, who showed up for a short time on Saturday to sign autographs.

    One of the rocked out R1's from Gregg's Customs - very trick!

    That's all folks - could have shot hundreds of pics, but too many hands to shake!! Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth!! It was a pleasure meeting those of you from the forum that swung by! And all the lurkers that are registered here that don't post (there were tons!!!) very often, what a pleasure it was to meet face to face!

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