I enjoyed a great ride yesterday. Leaving Morro Bay, I followed 41 with some nice sweeping turns toward Atascadero. Old Morro Road runs parallel for about a mile but has been neglected for years and is hardly worth riding. Continuing east of Atascadero on 41 there are some more beautiful sweeping turns and a few tight ones before turing south on 229.

Ther first part of Hwy 229 is long straights connected with 30 mph turns some with a fine sifting of dirt; careful! Then the beatiful twisties start (see http://www.pashnit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3831 and California Roads). The surface is in good shape with dirt in only a couple of turns. I'm always tempted to turn around and ride it again, but I'll be back.

At Hwy 58, I turn west for a few miles for some good turns, then turn around at Parkhill Road and go back to Huer Huero Road for some great twisties. On Huer Huero Rd I saw a number of places with layers of dirt washed onto the road and couple of fallen trees that had been cut to clear the road. At Parkhill Rd intersection, I turned left for the best part of that road.

At the sign for Turkey Flats and Los Padres National Forest I turned onto Navajo Trail which becomes Black Mountain Road. I've written about it before at http://www.pashnit.com/forum/showthr...black+mountain

The road is for access to the FAA Station at the top.

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The paved trail has a few more challenges now. Lots of dirt and rocks on the road but its still passable. The road is clear in many areas and still a thrill to ride.

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I saw a few dirt bikes on the lower section and one jeep at a interstion with an off-road trail,

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but higher up there was only me.

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At one small rockslide I saw tracks for one four-wheel vehicle.

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I had fun coasting down the road most of the way with out the engine running.

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On the way back, I always take Las Pilitas Road, one of my favorites in the Pozo Road area.

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