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Thread: A Newbie Dirt Day.

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    A Newbie Dirt Day.

    I was hoping for a group ride in the dirt.

    A Bay Area forum, SBR, had organized their second "Newbie" ride and since I had attended the first one last year I had made a bunch of new dirt riding buddies.

    I've been riding dirt for what seems like my whole life, when really it has only been 2/3 of my life. OK... 30+ years.
    I like to be able to use that experience to help others learn when I can. Besides, it's just another excuse to get out and ride!

    Anyway, the Newbie ride had been planned for almost 3-4 weeks.
    There turned out to be 75 people (or more) when the day rolled around.

    You can see my description of the day and pictures on SBR, HERE.
    Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of fuel before you can think straight!

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    Re: A Newbie Dirt Day.

    Great job of getting it all in Photos! What a turnout! Looks like everyone went home with a big SEG!

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