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Thread: Henness Pass Rd in June ???

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    Question Mark Henness Pass Rd in June ???

    I was interested in riding up to the VStrom Gathering in Reno via Henness Pass Rd. The gathering is the first weekend in June.

    With all this year's snow, what are the chances that it will be passable by then? Is it plowed or do I have to wait for the thaw.

    Assuming its open, can I do the 70+ dirt miles in a day? Its rated a "2" in the 4wd book I have. Based on my experience on the "2" rating it sounds very doable to me. Seems like there's lots of bail points in case I'm not travelling as fast as I hope and need to boogie to Reno.

    Any other comments or beta on that road would be appreciated.

    I'll be looking for company if anybody wants to join me on Friday, June 2.

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    Re: Henness Pass Rd in June ???

    Every year the CA4WDC has a 4X4 run out of Meadow Lake, which is in the Henness Pass area. They have moved this event recently fron June / July to August /Sept due to snow drifts over the road to the lake. With all the snow we have gotten this spring, chances are the road will still be closed in early June.........RON
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    Re: Henness Pass Rd in June ???

    The Nevada Sportbike Club is running a ride over Henness Pass Rd north of Truckee to S309 Pilocene Ridge Rd and beyond to Alleghany Ridge Rd and on S180 to Hwy 49 with a return back to I-80 and Reno. It appears the paved road to Jackson Meadows Reservoir is now paved all the way over. Good for stree bikes, bad for dual sport. I'll check it out. Mark in Sparks, NV wishing I had a DL650 VStrom.

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    Re: Henness Pass Rd in June ???

    Quote Originally Posted by VF1000R
    Mark in Sparks, NV wishing I had a DL650 VStrom.
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