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Thread: My Three Old Honda Sixes ....

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    My Three Old Honda Sixes ....

    Please excuse the poor photography, I am a much better rider.

    This photo is of my three Honda CBX Supersports - The black '80 on the far side had at that moment 2200 original miles on the clock - buit in Marysville, Ohio alongside the Gold-Wings to get under the Reagan/Harley tariff imposed a year earlier.

    Its color and S/N suggest it was one of 900 produced.

    The "Perseus Silver" '79 in the middle won "Best of Class and/or Best of Show" at the AMA Vintage Days West held at Sears Point - now defunct. 12k miles on the odo at the time.

    The "Candy Glory Red" bike in the foreground is the basis for my "Progect Bike". With only 16k on the odo, it developed a starter-clutch noise. It is an internal assembly requiring essentially a complete rebuild (I suppose the engineers thought it would never fail - but my bike is just one example).

    I never trailered, but them in a pick-up or van and showed them - they never needed a trickle charger as I rode them every chance I had - in some sort of rotation.

    One young man at Skywood said "Hey, there are six exhaust pipes! - the bikes are now 27 years old, he wasn't in diapers when the last one rolled off the line,

    Just a passing hobby here:

    I have modern and highly modified bikes as well, but a well sorted CBX is still worth a spin.

    All my best,

    San Jose, California

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    Re: My Three Old Honda Sixes ....

    One of those is definitely in my future, I was at a dealer in Beverly Hills when they rolled the first one onto the showroom floor, bidding started immediately, it was hillarious, dont know what the final sale price was but they were acting like it was a one off work of art, well, it is art.

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    Re: My Three Old Honda Sixes ....


    Got a damaged or non running bike taking up space at your place?

    PM me....I buy em!!

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    Re: My Three Old Honda Sixes ....

    I remember riding one of the first ones at the local dealership --- at the time it was pretty impressive and of course I had to ride the Kawasaki 1300 6 cylinder also

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    Re: My Three Old Honda Sixes ....

    SaaaaWeeeet bikes!

    Bummer John...
    Three nice bikes that you can't ride all at once.
    I'd be happy to help you ride them around to show off!
    One more volunteer and we could get them all out on parade at the same time.
    Just say when and where.

    John... South Bay (too)
    Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of fuel before you can think straight!

    Ride as if your life depended on it!

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    Re: My Three Old Honda Sixes ....

    I remember watching one of the very 1st CBX's at Fremont dragstrip. Ridden by PeeWee Gleason a former AMA dirt track racer. BTW he is now Jay Gleason the PeeWee is long gone. Every pass he made was a new National record in the class.
    If you are ever stuck on a problem go to Milpitas Honda and ask for Bruce. He is the lead mechanic and owned a CBX for years. His tour ride is a 650 Turbo.
    Bruce knows his Honda's.

    Don't know if they still do this but the CBX riders used to gather at Luguna Seca and while one rider smoked the rear tire until it went flat the crowd would chant, "CBX, CBX..."


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    Re: My Three Old Honda Sixes ....

    Quote Originally Posted by IntruderCruiser
    I remember riding one of the first ones at the local dealership --- at the time it was pretty impressive and of course I had to ride the Kawasaki 1300 6 cylinder also
    I once rode that Kwacker 1300 six and saw its potential.... and my life go by in a flash once I discovered it handled like an absolute pig. But WHAT a motor.

    If you need parade members for the CBX, sign me up too.

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    Re: My Three Old Honda Sixes ....

    Beautiful Bikes John!! Look showroom

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    Re: My Three Old Honda Sixes ....

    Very very nice! I have been riding mine lately waiting for my 06 FZ1 and it sure is a blast, especially the sound!
    2006 FZ1
    2004 WR450
    1982 Ascot
    1979 CBX

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