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Thread: Funny BARF thread

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    Crazy Funny BARF thread

    This is a fun thread on BARF talking about noob mistakes, and not so noob mistakes.

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    Re: Funny BARF thread

    I still do all those things. What's so funny?

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    Re: Funny BARF thread

    The one that gets me is putting on my gloves, and then remembering that the keys are still in my pocket.
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    Re: Funny BARF thread

    I dont feather my clutch..... or use it. I just let off the gas and grind through

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    Re: Funny BARF thread

    i havent read the thread yet but i did mention this to a friend yesterday:

    noob mistake: forgetting to pickup your feet and leaving them 1/4" off the ground as you ride off.

    not-so-noob mistake: forgetting to put your feet down and sitting at the light with them on the pegs.
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    Re: Funny BARF thread

    Quote Originally Posted by MrDude_1 View Post
    not-so-noob mistake: forgetting to put your feet down and sitting at the light with them on the pegs.
    Embarrassing noob mistake: doing the exact same thing as above - only AT the DMV in front of the Inspector!!
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    Re: Funny BARF thread

    How about taking off the helmet with sunglasses still on? Probably not a noob thing because I still do it sometimes

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    Re: Funny BARF thread

    All those are in the Barf posts! Ha. I've done them all. Recently we spent three hours cleaning our bikes, then took a line up photo (to be posted when I get it). Me in the middle. One guy pulled away and the other highsided his 200 mile AMA race preped 6R trying to get it off the Pit Bull stand on a slight angle, right into my bike which tipped over with $600+ damage. Look for new skins shortly. Haaaaaa
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    Re: Funny BARF thread

    how about rolling to a stop in Neutral and putting the kickstand down before you come to a complete stop, the bike rolling off and falling over shifting it up into second gear and then when you try (first time picking the bike up by myself) picking it up by the bars, you roll on the throttle and the back end just slide arounds scratching everything worse then before.

    that was fun.
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    Re: Funny BARF thread

    As I was leaving my mechanics, I tried to start my motorcycle but it kept stalling, I must have tried at least 5 times and each time I stalled, finally I realized that I had parked the bike in second gear....

    Oh and running out of gas on the freeway with no shoulder and having to walk a mile to the gas station in the lane.

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