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Thread: Get out there NOW

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    Get out there NOW

    I rode from Orangevale (just East of Sacramento)

    Down 16 to 49

    49 to 41

    41 to Bass Lake Road

    to Auberry Road

    to 168 to 41

    41 to Jensen to 33 to 5 to 198

    198 to 25 to Hollister

    156 to Monterrey

    CA 1 to Pismo Beach

    Back up 1 to Naciemento, Fort Hunter Leggett back G16 to 198 back to 99 and home.
    All green, All flowered, all mighty California riding country at its very best.Just an amazing ride, a ride report with pics will follow, but don't wait for the report! Get on your bike and go ride. It is primo out there!!!!!!!
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    were just left there to float."

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    Re: Get out there NOW

    what, no road with a 7 in it, sheese
    Kenny L. aka Felix the Cat
    '83 KZ1000R ELR daily rider

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    Question Mark Re: Get out there NOW

    what does a road with a 7 in it mean.....
    Look here you numbskulls,,,,you can't believe none of that stuff,,,it's nothing but a bunch of campaign promises!!

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    Re: Get out there NOW

    Quote Originally Posted by goldwinghen3
    what does a road with a 7 in it mean.....
    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

    Ride Safe

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    Re: Get out there NOW zero either...
    Ya see, if he had ridden roads with a 7 and a 0 in them, he would have completed a much sought after "deci-numeric" ride, one in which all digits 0 thru 9 were represented in the numeric designations of the roads ridden......

    If you complete this ride, you get to brag about it to anybody who cares...

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    Re: Get out there NOW

    How long was that ride? I'm deciding whether to ride down to motoGP this year or tow the bike down, staying in a hotel the night before and riding in from there. Of course, if I rode I would like to stay off the freeway as much as possible...

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    Re: Get out there NOW

    Awesome sounding cruise Andrew. Any pics to share of the ride along these primo roads
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    Re: Get out there NOW

    I been out there!! Been great riding all winter long! Just got back from DV, heading out for El Paso, TX on Thursday (one day down, 2 days there, one day back). You are right ... it is great riding out there.

    Oh! Any body wanna come with?

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