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Thread: LEGEND OF THE MOTORCYCLE (long.. dialup beware)

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    LEGEND OF THE MOTORCYCLE (long.. dialup beware)

    The first ever
    International Concours D’Elegance

    Held on May 6’th 2006 at the Half Moon Bay Ritz-Carlton.

    When I first heard about this event I knew that I really wanted to go.
    I have been fascinated by the history and variety of motorcycles from their beginning.
    When I heard that the ticket price for this show was $50, the frugal person in me (read -cheap), decided to pass on the show and just go for a ride instead.
    However, Brian Halton of CityBike was kind enough to give me a ticket to get into the show.

    Name:  ticket 1.jpg
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Size:  72.6 KB

    Thanks Brian! I owe ya!

    When I arrived at the access road to the Ritz-Carlton, about 2 miles south of Half Moon Bay, security was turning cars away from the access road and guiding them to outside parking lots. They were however letting the motorcycles down the street until about a block before the hotel entrance.
    The motorcyclists were guided to park along the road in what would usually be a no parking, bicycle type area along the sidewalk.
    I could only see the top of the Ritz-Carlton from where I parked around the corner.
    I must have been about the 150-200’th bike to park, nose out, along the sidewalk.
    Myself and a lot of other riders, as well as folks who had walked a little further from their cage parking lots walked to the Ritz Carlton entrance.

    The first bike I saw as I approached the ticket area, set up in front of the Ritz-Carlton, had landing gears on it.
    Name:  IMG_8339 sm crp.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_8340 sm crp.jpg
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    It also had seatbelts for rider and passenger … would that still be called a pillion? Guess so.
    Name:  IMG_8341 sm.jpg
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    I then proceeded up the path around the south side of the Ritz, walking along the sidewalk next to the rooms and noticing that each of the ground floor rooms has a gas fire pit on their ocean facing patio area.
    I continued on and walked around the corner of the ocean end of the Ritz and snapped this picture …
    Name:  IMG_8342 sm crp.jpg
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    The two featured marquees of the show were the Crocker and the Brough Superior.
    These two marquee brands took up most of the area closest to where I’m standing here.
    That would be the upper level just to the right of the gazebo.
    The row of people, down a little lower but still in front of the building, were near where the really old bikes were on display. By old I mean 1903 and later.
    Further down, beyond the gazebo, were the more modern bikes as well as choppers.

    Somehow I resisted the urge to rush down to the bikes and instead took a right and went down the path into the Cigars and Spirits area.
    Here I met Leo Peraza, a Cuban cigar roller, who told me he has been riding for 37 years. I let him know he had me beat there by 5 or 6 years there.
    Name:  leo peraza.jpg
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    It was interesting to watch him take his pre-made cores (not it’s “official name, I forget what that was) and finish them up by rolling it with a piece of fresh trimmed tobacco. He would then use the cutter seen in front of the rolling stone to snip off one end. He was giving these fresh, hand rolled, Cohiba cigars out… for free!
    Name:  IMG_8343 sm.jpg
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    I was then pushed/guided (yeah, sure) into the line of folks getting a grapple beverage. (Yeah, OK, I didn’t resist the “guidance”) Grapple is fresh smashed green grapes shaken with Hennessy Cognac. (I got a chuckle from the gal squishing them when I asked her where her blender was)

    Still inside I walked around the corner and checked out the historic board tracker they had on exhibit there.
    This is a 1915 cyclone.
    Name:  IMG_8346 sm.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_8347 sm crp sgn.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_8348 sm crp.jpg
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    There was also some art depicting the riders/racers of the early era.
    Name:  IMG_8351 sm.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_8344 sm.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_8355 sm.jpg
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    Also in this room was a 1920 Indian Powerplus with “Daytona” frame that once belonged to Steve McQueen and was provided by Barbara McQueen Brunsvold.
    Name:  IMG_8354 sm.jpg
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    Leaving this room I walked a ways down the hall and by another conference type room and was drawn inside when I saw this…
    Name:  IMG_8360 sm crp.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_8356 sm.jpg
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    This is a bike that Mert Lawwill is building and selling to any buyers.
    The cost is about $32,000. Only thing keeping this one from being fully street legal is a missing front fender.
    He said he has taken orders for 17 so far and has 4 backordered.
    He also said most will probably be in museums or collectors stable’s.
    Here’s the builder of this fine motorcycle, Mert Lawwill, himself.
    Name:  IMG_8358 sm.jpg
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    (sorry about the poor photo quality. I still had the camera set up for sunlight)

    OK… enough inside stuff.
    Let’s get out and see those bikes!
    Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of fuel before you can think straight!

    Ride as if your life depended on it!

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    Heading into the Marqee area.
    Name:  IMG_8361 sm crp.jpg
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    Displayed next to the building near the marqee bikes were these “moderns”…

    A 1992 Honda NR750.
    Name:  IMG_8363 sm crp.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_8362 sm crp.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_8366 sm crp.jpg
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    I believe only 4 of these were made. (or was that brought into the US).

    Behind that NR is a Bimoto 500cc V twin 2 stroke
    Name:  IMG_8365 s, crp.jpg
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    Also in this area was a 2003 Mondial Piege 999cc
    Name:  IMG_8364 sm crp.jpg
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    As well as a 2002 850cc Morbidelli V8
    Name:  IMG_8368 sm crp.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_8369 sm.jpg
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    OK… now let’s check out the Marqee bikes.

    First the Brough Superior’s.

    In front of this row of Broughs’ is a 1923 SS80.
    Name:  IMG_8370 sm.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_8373 sm crp.jpg
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    Gotta love these valve springs!
    Name:  IMG_8371 sm.jpg
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    Check out those saddlebags.
    Name:  IMG_8375 sm crp.jpg
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    A 1934 SS 100, 1000cc
    Name:  IMG_8377 sm.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_8378 sm.jpg
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    How many levers do ya need per side?
    Name:  IMG_8382 sm.jpg
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    Sweet old engine though!
    Name:  IMG_8383 sm.jpg
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    One with factory forks.
    Name:  IMG_8386 sm.jpg
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    And one with the upgraded Castle forks.
    Name:  IMG_8387 sm.jpg
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    Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of fuel before you can think straight!

    Ride as if your life depended on it!

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    Now to check out the other Marquee bike’s, the Crocker.
    It was said that this was the largest gathered bunch of Crocker bikes ever displayed.
    There were some very nice examples here today!

    A nice 1936 single!
    Name:  IMG_8391 sm crp.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_8392 sm crp.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_8393 sm.jpg
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    Most all of them had been restored to a near new condition.
    Name:  IMG_8395 sm crp.jpg
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    There were some “originals” as well.
    Name:  IMG_8394 sm crp.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_8399 sm crp.jpg
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    There was a police model.
    Name:  IMG_8396 sm crp.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_8411 sm crp.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_8412 sm crp.jpg
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    I liked the tank emblem
    Name:  IMG_8397 sm crp.jpg
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Size:  54.1 KB

    More Crockers...

    A 1938 1000cc “small tank”
    Name:  IMG_8400 sm.jpg
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Size:  148.4 KB
    the other side
    Name:  IMG_8402 sm crp.jpg
Views: 35851
Size:  161.9 KB
    from behind
    Name:  IMG_8403 sm crp.jpg
Views: 35654
Size:  74.8 KB

    A dirt track single
    Name:  IMG_8405 sm crp.jpg
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Size:  135.5 KB
    check out the leg grab bar (taped up).
    Name:  IMG_8414 sm crp.jpg
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Size:  112.0 KB
    Overhead bevel gear, exposed spring valve drive.
    Name:  IMG_8407 sm crp.jpg
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Size:  119.6 KB

    Another dirt tracker.
    Name:  IMG_8409 sm crp.jpg
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Size:  128.4 KB

    Check out that cockpit view!
    Name:  IMG_8404 sm.jpg
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Size:  100.2 KB
    Look at all those oil lines
    Name:  IMG_8413 sm.jpg
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Size:  147.9 KB
    And the other side.
    Name:  IMG_8415 sm.jpg
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Size:  143.9 KB

    The builder of these wonderful bikes, Al Crocker, was in attendance at this event, as was his wife and many of his family members.
    (more on the Crocker here… )

    Here’s a picture of Al Crocker and his wife (in the wheelchairs) with a bunch of their family gathered around.
    Name:  IMG_8784 sm crp.jpg
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Size:  119.9 KB
    Name:  IMG_8785 sm crp.jpg
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    Hey… isn’t that Peter Fonda from “Easyrider” (the movie) fame standing there chatting with the family?
    Yup… it sure is!
    Name:  IMG_8783 sm crp.jpg
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Size:  99.8 KB
    (I’m sorry I caught you with your eyes closed, Al)

    Peter said that he had ridden his R100RT up from his place in LA with a friend who was on riding his own Brough Superior. He was also talking about how he loved to ride his MV Augusta (notice the hat). I asked him if that bike is what melted the nice sized divit in his riding boots to which he replied (smiling) no, his Harley had done that.
    When an owner of one of the Brough’s asked him to, Peter had no hesitation sitting on the guys Brough.
    Name:  IMG_8788 sm crp.jpg
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Size:  124.7 KB

    Peter was very sociable and willing to talk with anybody.
    He told some pretty interesting as well as some funny stories as he socialized with the crowd.
    He also signed autographs and posed with folks for pictures.
    I have a new friend!
    Name:  IMG_8787 sm crp clone.jpg
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Size:  119.3 KB

    OK, enough of the Marquee bikes and movie stars.
    Let’s move onto the rest of the show!
    Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of fuel before you can think straight!

    Ride as if your life depended on it!

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    First, a couple more “moderns” before descending the steps to the land of the ancients.

    This 1970 Kawasaki 100 cc Centurion looks like it just came out of the box.
    Name:  IMG_8417 sm crp.jpg
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Size:  145.6 KB

    A Honda Dream owned by Elvis Presley.
    Name:  IMG_8418 sm crp.jpg
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Size:  190.3 KB

    Now we are looking down at some of the oldest bikes at the show!
    As you can see a lot of folks were checking these out.
    Name:  IMG_8419 sm crp.jpg
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Size:  142.5 KB

    This 1915 Pope was fun to look at!
    Name:  IMG_8421 sm crp.jpg
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Size:  161.7 KB
    Name:  IMG_8427 sm.jpg
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Size:  80.5 KB
    Name:  IMG_8423 sm crp.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_8422 sm.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_8424 sm crp.jpg
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Size:  139.9 KB

    An old Harley.
    Name:  IMG_8428 sm crp.jpg
Views: 33913
Size:  163.4 KB

    An old Henderson inline 4.
    Name:  IMG_8431 sm crp.jpg
Views: 34200
Size:  156.9 KB
    Name:  IMG_8432 sm.jpg
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Size:  133.6 KB
    Name:  IMG_8433 sm.jpg
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Size:  121.9 KB

    A Cyclone.
    Name:  IMG_8434 sm crp.jpg
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Size:  146.6 KB
    Name:  IMG_8435 sm.jpg
Views: 33499
Size:  124.9 KB

    A 1930 Excelsior Super X Hill climber.
    (this was a factory competition bike)
    Name:  IMG_8439 sm crp.jpg
Views: 34230
Size:  153.8 KB
    Name:  IMG_8440 sm.jpg
Views: 33067
Size:  154.7 KB

    I believe the gentleman to the right owns most of the bikes behind him here.
    He was being interviewed (I believe by Speed TV) when I took this shot.
    Name:  IMG_8438 sm crp.jpg
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Size:  129.0 KB
    Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of fuel before you can think straight!

    Ride as if your life depended on it!

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    How about a 1903 Indian 213cc Single.
    Name:  IMG_8441 sm crp.jpg
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Size:  152.4 KB
    Name:  IMG_8443 sm crp.jpg
Views: 32666
Size:  116.1 KB

    Incredible engineering!
    Not sure what it is or what year either (forgot to photo the plaque)
    Name:  IMG_8445 sm crp.jpg
Views: 32741
Size:  142.0 KB
    Name:  IMG_8448 sm crp.jpg
Views: 32500
Size:  141.9 KB
    Check out it’s speedo drive!
    Name:  IMG_8449 sm.jpg
Views: 32424
Size:  139.4 KB
    One more of this one.
    Name:  IMG_8450 sm.jpg
Views: 32339
Size:  153.8 KB

    A couple of early Norton’s
    Name:  IMG_8453 sm crp.jpg
Views: 32389
Size:  156.2 KB
    Name:  IMG_8455 sm.jpg
Views: 32248
Size:  173.8 KB

    Check out the belt drive on this old Harley Single.
    (the chain on the other side was driven my the pedals)
    Name:  IMG_8452 sm.jpg
Views: 32113
Size:  127.5 KB

    How about an older trike?
    Name:  IMG_8456 sm crp.jpg
Views: 32413
Size:  167.7 KB
    Name:  IMG_8457 sm crp.jpg
Views: 32151
Size:  173.6 KB

    A 1905 Racycle Single.
    Name:  IMG_8460 sm crp.jpg
Views: 33048
Size:  155.1 KB
    Like the 1903 Indian above, I find it interesting that the seat tube (frame) is connected to the cylinder head.
    Name:  IMG_8461 sm.jpg
Views: 31811
Size:  156.8 KB
    Look at that spark plug.
    Name:  IMG_8463 sm.jpg
Views: 32080
Size:  161.6 KB

    A 1919 Indian 1000 CC Daytona Racer.
    Name:  IMG_8467 sm crp.jpg
Views: 32678
Size:  136.4 KB
    Name:  IMG_8464 sm crp.jpg
Views: 31546
Size:  150.4 KB
    Name:  IMG_8471 sm crp.jpg
Views: 31325
Size:  174.1 KB

    Another nice Cyclone.
    Name:  IMG_8470 sm.jpg
Views: 31239
Size:  155.8 KB
    Name:  IMG_8468 sm crp.jpg
Views: 31155
Size:  130.2 KB
    Name:  IMG_8469 sm.jpg
Views: 30953
Size:  113.7 KB

    A nicely restored 1913 Sears 1180cc 9 horsepower twin.
    Name:  IMG_8472 sm.jpg
Views: 30824
Size:  171.6 KB
    Name:  IMG_8473 sm crp.jpg
Views: 30601
Size:  120.5 KB
    Name:  IMG_8474 sm crp.jpg
Views: 30523
Size:  83.4 KB
    Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of fuel before you can think straight!

    Ride as if your life depended on it!

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    A 1923 BMW R32 500cc
    Name:  IMG_8476 sm crp.jpg
Views: 30711
Size:  111.2 KB
    The headtube badge reads… BMW = Bayer Motoren Werke (?)
    Name:  IMG_8477 sm crp.jpg
Views: 30473
Size:  70.3 KB
    Name:  IMG_8475 sm crp.jpg
Views: 30399
Size:  122.5 KB
    Name:  IMG_8478 sm crp.jpg
Views: 30399
Size:  167.7 KB

    A 1929 Henderson 4 cylinder racer.
    Name:  IMG_8479 sm crp.jpg
Views: 30301
Size:  135.3 KB
    Name:  IMG_8481 sm crp.jpg
Views: 30207
Size:  139.9 KB
    Name:  IMG_8482 sm.jpg
Views: 30149
Size:  147.6 KB

    A 1929 Excelsior with hillclimber engine and sidecar.
    Name:  IMG_8483 sm crp.jpg
Views: 30214
Size:  154.3 KB
    Name:  IMG_8484 sm crp.jpg
Views: 30089
Size:  168.0 KB
    Name:  IMG_8486 sm.jpg
Views: 29926
Size:  97.7 KB

    A 1904 Thor single.
    Name:  IMG_8488 sm crp.jpg
Views: 29874
Size:  131.7 KB
    Name:  IMG_8811 sm crp.jpg
Views: 29809
Size:  149.2 KB

    A 1911 Reading delivery trike.

    Name:  IMG_8491 sm crp.jpg
Views: 29805
Size:  136.7 KB
    Name:  IMG_8495 sm.jpg
Views: 29677
Size:  155.3 KB
    As you can see by this sign on it’s cooler lid, it has some “history”. (hope it can be read)
    (but then, all these bikes so far “are” history)
    Name:  IMG_8490 sm crp.jpg
Views: 29583
Size:  84.6 KB

    Another nice Excelsior and a Harley.
    Name:  IMG_8497 sm.jpg
Views: 29608
Size:  170.6 KB

    A 1909 Curtiss
    Name:  IMG_8810 sm crp.jpg
Views: 29532
Size:  156.6 KB

    I found this Militaire very unusual.
    Name:  IMG_8499 sm crp.jpg
Views: 29456
Size:  148.0 KB
    Name:  IMG_8542 sm crp.jpg
Views: 29424
Size:  159.3 KB

    The front wheel slid across the front axle when the handlebars were turned.
    (of course, you can’t hardly miss the wooden wheels)
    Name:  IMG_8501 sm.jpg
Views: 29397
Size:  146.0 KB
    Name:  IMG_8503 sm crp.jpg
Views: 29232
Size:  140.4 KB
    And please do notice that these are NON SKID tires.
    Name:  IMG_8504 sm.jpg
Views: 29209
Size:  107.9 KB

    What a powerplant .
    Name:  IMG_8502 sm.jpg
Views: 29115
Size:  161.3 KB
    Name:  IMG_8508 sm.jpg
Views: 29097
Size:  165.1 KB

    Or the drive shaft (and training wheels)
    Name:  IMG_8509 sm crp.jpg
Views: 29046
Size:  152.5 KB
    Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of fuel before you can think straight!

    Ride as if your life depended on it!

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    This 1921 MA21 Mars motorcycle from Germany was also pretty unusual.
    Name:  IMG_8511 sm crp.jpg
Views: 29500
Size:  143.2 KB

    It’s a 1000cc 12 HP side valve flat twin. The engine was called a Mayback.
    It also has a “special” 2 speed gearbox with no teeth. It has two speeds with a chain for each speed.
    You may have also noticed that the sparkplugs are over the intake valve chamber on the head and not above the piston itself.
    I asked Mike Kron, the owner who was very happy to talk about his classic, about the sparkplug placement and he said something like it was to help for a longer and more uniform “burn” of the incoming fuel/air mixture on this longer stroker motor.
    Name:  IMG_8514 sm.jpg
Views: 28966
Size:  122.2 KB
    Name:  IMG_8516 sm.jpg
Views: 28889
Size:  138.3 KB
    The tube beneath the float bowl can be slid forward (closed) and back (open) by twistingteh lock knowb and sliding it to allow preheated air from the cone scoop that you can see over the rear cylinder exhaust cooling fins.

    First one old Indian.
    Name:  IMG_8517 sm crp.jpg
Views: 28885
Size:  168.2 KB

    Then two old Indians… in one frame.
    It’s a 1916 1999cc called the Twindian.
    It was created by the late Bill Arnold for the Emeryville Board track races.
    Name:  IMG_8518 sm.jpg
Views: 29019
Size:  173.2 KB
    Name:  IMG_8520 sm crp.jpg
Views: 28674
Size:  150.0 KB
    Name:  IMG_8521 sm crp.jpg
Views: 28606
Size:  147.3 KB

    Again on this bike, notice that the spark plug is over the intake valve and not the piston.
    Name:  IMG_8522 sm crp.jpg
Views: 28530
Size:  126.3 KB

    Check out the pillion pad on this one.
    Name:  IMG_8523 sm crp.jpg
Views: 28490
Size:  130.6 KB

    OK… now to see something even more unusual than most of the others.
    This is a Steam driven cycle called a Roper .
    He was using charcoal briquettes to heat the water to make steam.
    Name:  IMG_8809 sm crp.jpg
Views: 28457
Size:  140.1 KB
    Here it is running and driving the rear wheel.
    Name:  IMG_8530 sm crp.jpg
Views: 28324
Size:  143.8 KB
    This cycle was built on a Columbia bicycle frame.
    Name:  IMG_8524 sm.jpg
Views: 28209
Size:  110.1 KB
    Name:  IMG_8561 sm.jpg
Views: 28134
Size:  50.9 KB
    Name:  IMG_8533 sm crp.jpg
Views: 28110
Size:  169.7 KB
    Here’s where you add the charcoal.
    Name:  IMG_8557 sm crp.jpg
Views: 28078
Size:  113.7 KB
    Blowing off some steam.
    Name:  IMG_8558 sm crp.jpg
Views: 28043
Size:  106.8 KB

    Here’s a motorcycle built for two.
    So is the person on the back a pillion (motorcycle), or a stoker (tandem bicycle) ?
    Name:  IMG_8534 sm crp.jpg
Views: 28112
Size:  138.3 KB
    Name:  IMG_8538 sm crp.jpg
Views: 27906
Size:  150.0 KB
    Name:  IMG_8553 sm crp.jpg
Views: 27827
Size:  136.7 KB

    This 1911 Pierce inline four is pretty sweet.
    Name:  IMG_8536 sm crp.jpg
Views: 27866
Size:  110.1 KB
    Name:  IMG_8539 sm crp.jpg
Views: 27766
Size:  129.0 KB
    Name:  IMG_8540 sm crp.jpg
Views: 27678
Size:  155.0 KB

    Look at the Speedo cable (from the rear wheel) on this Harley.
    Name:  IMG_8541 sm crp.jpg
Views: 27728
Size:  132.8 KB

    And behind that is a 1928 4 cylinder Cleveland racer.
    Name:  IMG_8546 sm crp.jpg
Views: 27625
Size:  77.5 KB

    A 1909, 1000cc, V- twin, belt drive Curtiss
    Name:  IMG_8544 sm.jpg
Views: 27891
Size:  152.7 KB

    A 1928 500cc K10 AJS
    Name:  IMG_8545 sm crp.jpg
Views: 28664
Size:  148.8 KB

    A 1928 R57 BMW.
    Name:  IMG_8551 sm crp.jpg
Views: 27578
Size:  153.4 KB
    Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of fuel before you can think straight!

    Ride as if your life depended on it!

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    OK… now some choppers before getting back into some newer old bikes.

    The choppers on display were from three builders. Jesse James, Arlen Ness and Shinya Kimura.

    The red one, believe it or not, is the more conventional/conservative of the choppers you are about to see.
    Name:  IMG_8562 sm crp.jpg
Views: 27811
Size:  140.0 KB

    If you look behind the previous bike picture you will see a Jesse James creation using a radial 7 cylinder aircraft engine.
    Name:  IMG_8564 sm crp.jpg
Views: 27602
Size:  86.9 KB
    Name:  IMG_8565 sm.jpg
Views: 27500
Size:  156.2 KB
    Name:  IMG_8566 sm crp.jpg
Views: 27286
Size:  119.7 KB
    Name:  IMG_8567 sm.jpg
Views: 27154
Size:  130.5 KB
    Name:  IMG_8774 sm crp.jpg
Views: 27146
Size:  61.4 KB

    Do you wonder why that hole is in the saddle?
    Name:  IMG_8569 sm.jpg
Views: 27037
Size:  141.2 KB
    Name:  IMG_8773 sm.jpg
Views: 26997
Size:  125.9 KB

    Now for some Arlen Ness imagination.
    Name:  IMG_8570 sm.jpg
Views: 27135
Size:  124.0 KB

    A little turbine power? Mach Ness.
    Name:  IMG_8571 sm crp.jpg
Views: 26913
Size:  101.1 KB
    With the man himself, Arlen Ness.
    Name:  IMG_8771 sm crp.jpg
Views: 26964
Size:  137.9 KB
    Name:  IMG_8772 sm crp.jpg
Views: 26794
Size:  98.8 KB

    Top Banana.
    Name:  IMG_8776 sm crp.jpg
Views: 26829
Size:  108.6 KB
    Name:  IMG_8572 sm crp.jpg
Views: 26758
Size:  111.4 KB

    Here’s three bikes by Shinya Kimura.
    Name:  IMG_8655 sm crp.jpg
Views: 26739
Size:  127.0 KB
    (That’s Shinya with his arms crossed behind the bikes.)
    Here’s Shinya’s idea of what to do with a 1057 triumph.
    Name:  IMG_8659 sm crp.jpg
Views: 26707
Size:  159.9 KB
    Name:  IMG_8647 sm crp.jpg
Views: 26720
Size:  95.0 KB
    Name:  IMG_8648 sm crp.jpg
Views: 26553
Size:  102.0 KB
    Name:  IMG_8652 sm crp.jpg
Views: 26460
Size:  94.7 KB
    Name:  IMG_8649 sm crp.jpg
Views: 26453
Size:  147.6 KB
    Name:  IMG_8650 sm.jpg
Views: 26404
Size:  155.0 KB
    Name:  IMG_8651 sm crp.jpg
Views: 26334
Size:  141.2 KB

    OK… enough Choppers.
    Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of fuel before you can think straight!

    Ride as if your life depended on it!

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    Now for some more oldies.

    There was a lineup of older dirt bikes following one walkway.…
    Name:  IMG_8573 sm.jpg
Views: 26594
Size:  121.9 KB
    Name:  IMG_8582 sm.jpg
Views: 26391
Size:  156.8 KB
    Name:  IMG_8583 sm crp.jpg
Views: 26306
Size:  154.2 KB
    Name:  IMG_8585 sm.jpg
Views: 26398
Size:  149.8 KB
    Name:  IMG_8584 sm crp.jpg
Views: 26114
Size:  130.2 KB

    Hey, wait a minute.
    What is that up behind that Maico in the last shot?
    Why, it’s a 1930 Morgan Super Aero 1084cc JAP V twin!

    Name:  IMG_8578 sm crp.jpg
Views: 26164
Size:  168.8 KB
    Name:  IMG_8579 sm crp.jpg
Views: 25991
Size:  109.9 KB
    Name:  IMG_8577 sm crp.jpg
Views: 25937
Size:  126.9 KB

    The cockpit.
    Name:  IMG_8581 sm.jpg
Views: 25889
Size:  126.0 KB

    Looks like he’s been around!
    Name:  IMG_8580 sm.jpg
Views: 25826
Size:  93.4 KB

    The Morgan has a single rear tire.
    Name:  IMG_8576 sm crp.jpg
Views: 25904
Size:  133.2 KB
    If someone would just move that MV Augusta 750 Sport out of the way you could see the Morgan better.

    HUH, Wait a minute now…
    Move that what?
    Name:  IMG_8574 sm crp.jpg
Views: 25831
Size:  154.8 KB
    Check out that distributer!
    And those carbs.
    Name:  IMG_8575 sm crp.jpg
Views: 25774
Size:  119.6 KB
    Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of fuel before you can think straight!

    Ride as if your life depended on it!

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    OK, where were we?
    Oh yeah, old bikes. Turn around. There’s more everywhere.

    Here’s a couple owned by David Manthey of Wisconsin.
    A 1968, 750cc V-twin “Clymer Scout” prototype
    Name:  IMG_8586 sm crp.jpg
Views: 25988
Size:  119.1 KB
    Name:  IMG_8587 sm crp.jpg
Views: 25673
Size:  98.6 KB
    According to the plaque, this Indian is in reality, a Munch commissioned by Freidl Munch and was the only one ever built.
    (more info here)

    Here’s an example of a 1967 1100cc Mammoth Munch that Freidl Munch was building.
    Name:  IMG_8589 sm crp.jpg
Views: 25905
Size:  152.0 KB
    Nice hammered dimple finish on the tank.
    Name:  IMG_8590 sm.jpg
Views: 25534
Size:  93.4 KB

    A very nice 1960 500cc Velocette Thruxton.
    Name:  IMG_8591 sm crp.jpg
Views: 25493
Size:  133.6 KB
    Name:  IMG_8592 sm crp.jpg
Views: 25620
Size:  146.9 KB

    Just looking around is awe inspiring!
    With an incredible variety of bike.
    Nice old Norton!
    Name:  IMG_8593 sm crp.jpg
Views: 25380
Size:  119.2 KB
    Oh, and check out that Honda behind it. And another MV. Oh look at those Beemers to the left.
    Hey, what’s that past those Beemers to the right there? Over by the sidewalk?
    Why, it’s the latest incarnation of the Vincent Black Lightening and the Vincent Black Shadow.
    Name:  IMG_8596 sm crp.jpg
Views: 25495
Size:  135.3 KB
    Name:  IMG_8601 sm.jpg
Views: 25317
Size:  132.9 KB
    These bikes are built by Bernard Li and use the venerable Honda RC51 V-twin engines.
    Name:  IMG_8597 sm crp.jpg
Views: 25223
Size:  139.2 KB
    Name:  IMG_8600 sm.jpg
Views: 25173
Size:  148.7 KB
    Name:  IMG_8599 sm.jpg
Views: 25122
Size:  139.5 KB

    There was some old Bonneville Land Speed record holder bikes there too.
    From the Motorcycle Hall of Fame this 1938 1000cc (61 c.i.) V twin Indian called The Indian Arrow.
    (more info here)
    Name:  IMG_8791 sm crp.jpg
Views: 25245
Size:  157.9 KB
    Name:  IMG_8790 sm crp.jpg
Views: 25066
Size:  163.3 KB
    Name:  IMG_8610 sm crp.jpg
Views: 24962
Size:  108.8 KB
    Name:  IMG_8602 sm crp.jpg
Views: 24919
Size:  64.5 KB
    Name:  IMG_8605 sm crp.jpg
Views: 24882
Size:  69.3 KB

    And here’s another Bonneville Record Holder.
    It is probably a much more recognizable one. This is due in most part by the movie about Burt Munro, “Worlds Fastest Indian” with Anthony Hopkins doing a wonderful job as the main character.
    If you haven’t seen the movie… do it!
    What you see here is a duplicate (sort of) of Burt’s original Munro Special made up for the movie. It has been cut open to show the inside.
    (More about this here)
    Built from a 1920 Indian Scout Special.
    Name:  IMG_8603 sm crp.jpg
Views: 24933
Size:  157.0 KB
    Name:  IMG_8606 sm crp.jpg
Views: 24909
Size:  105.2 KB
    Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of fuel before you can think straight!

    Ride as if your life depended on it!

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