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Thread: Honda CRFX w/ CA Plate

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    Honda CRFX w/ CA Plate

    My name is Dave and I saw 2 Honda CRFX 450 in Murrieta but I could not stop them to find out how they registered them. By the looks they had a baja designs dual purpose kits and they had a California License plate on them.
    Have you heard or seen this? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Honda CRFX w/ CA Plate

    I've heard of a few schemes to get them plated, but nothing foolproof. I've been eying the CRF450x and the XR650R, but damned if I'm gonna buy one without full confidence I can get it plated.

    Scheme #1 - there's actually no "law" against plating them in CA, just a DMV policy. Find a clueless DMV clerk, or a kind one, and you might get lucky.

    Scheme #2 - buy one from out of state, already plated, with over 7500 miles.

    Scheme #3 - same as above, but a new bike. Lie about the mileage since there's no gauge anyhow.

    If anybody knows of a foolproof method - please post! I've got the supermoto urge, but I'm not too psyched on the DRZ.

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    Re: Honda CRFX w/ CA Plate

    Susanville DMV will alledgedly run it right thru for you....
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    Re: Honda CRFX w/ CA Plate

    Quote Originally Posted by GS-RON
    Susanville DMV will alledgedly run it right thru for you....
    Susanville? Well then it can't be an urban legend. Maybe a rural legend?

    This guy claims he can get your off-road bike licensed, but I have no independent knowledge that he can.....



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    Re: Honda CRFX w/ CA Plate

    While it is NOT fool proof, you can register it as a custom bike. I can't remember the CVC code but they only allow 500 per year, you need an inspection etc etc.
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    Re: Honda CRFX w/ CA Plate

    There's supposedly some loopholes unless your bike has a specific VIN that labels it as off-highway only.

    Keep in mind the DMV can, at any time and without prior notice, revoke a plate that was obtained via fraud or mistake. Some guys who bought their plated 2004 supermoto bikes from a *dealer* recently had their plates revoked as the bikes were discovered not to meet the proper requirements (they should never have been plated back in '04).

    The best bets would be to:

    1) Buy a used bike that had a plate legally obtained prior to the current DMV policy that was enacted (I think) in Jan 2003. My plated XR650r falls into this category.

    2) Buy a new Husqvarna. Their entire line of enduros and supermoto bikes are 50-state street legal.

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    Re: Honda CRFX w/ CA Plate

    I think Baja Designs or some others have info on their websites regarding plating off road or red sticker bikes. I purchased a new WR450 in Nevada and plated it there until it expired a year later then "brought it" into California and registered it here. No real problem, need VIN verification and it has a progamable computer/speedo that has over 7,000 miles.
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    Re: Honda CRFX w/ CA Plate

    Plating a "green sticker" bike is one issue. The other issue is using a CRFX for long rides on or off-road. The CRF250X and CRF450X motors have been designed to use oil, as much as 1/4 qt. in 100 miles. These motors use two rings on the piston instead of three rings like the Yamaha WR's have. Yamaha's use no oil but if you plan on doing over 100 miles on a ride or during a weekend, you will have to carry oil with you if you are riding a CRFX 250 or 450. At least, that has been my personal experience and the experience of friends of mine with CRFX's.
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