A few weeks ago I attended the VStrom Gathering in Reno. John (m0t0-ryder) was also there. I had intended to write a ride report and actually got started on it, but I was interupted by my first motorcycle accident involving a car.

Rather then waiting for me to someday finish the ride report I decided to at least make the pictures available to those interested in chcking out my smugmug gallery.

If you use your imagination you can imagine or make up your own stories, but I'll at least share my planned chapter headings.

Friday, June 2, "Show Me the Dirt", me and Enrique explore the dirt in the Pine Nut Mountains behind carson City.

Saturday, June 3 - "The Ride of Attrition", seven bikes leave Reno to explore the Black Rock Desert, but only one bike makes it all the way.

Sunday, June 4 - "Survival Biking" or "If Adventure Bikes Crash in the Desert and No One Takes a Picture, Does the Ride Report Suck?", Jim took me a the best dirt ride of the weekend on roads between Lockwood (5 m east of Reno) and Virginia City.


Needless to say I had a blast and want to thank all of the riders who joined me in finding their dirty side.