Hey all,

Long time no post; actually I think this is my first post. Anyway I was up in Tahoe, Emerald Bay camping all of last week and as we were leaving the front brakes on my RV decided to lock solid as we were heading home on 89.

The bad news is that I had to leave my RV in Tahoe this week to get fixed. The good news was that I had my BMW R1100S on a trailer behind me and my son and I rode home 89 to 4 over Ebbets Pass. The best news is that I get to ride back up there tomorrow pick up my RV and spend Saturday riding around the sierras.

I rode about 1500 miles last week and it was PERFECT up there. No Police, clear and clean roads, perfect weather. It was really the best of the best.

I live in Concord, I plan on taking 160 to 12 to 88 to 89 to South Lake Tahoe. I need to get there before 5 PM. I can park my RV at any campground and spend the night. On Saturday I plan on taking 89 to 395 to Bodie, the old Ghost town and then to 120 through Yosemite to 49 to 88 to 89 or if there is time maybe take the Mormon Emigrant Trail. This is about 400 miles. Spend the night in the RV and leave for the Bay Area Sunday morning.

I ride about a B/C pace, not a race but I like to have fun in the turns and keep it under 100 on the straights. I have a radar detector so if you are OK with my pace I can bird dog any police presence there might be in the area.

Sorry for the late notice. Ping me if you want to join. The map of the Saturday ride is below. I plan on leaving Concord around 10:00 on the 14th.

Ride safe,


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