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Thread: Show Me your motorcycle photos...

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    97 Honda VFR 750

    Re: Show Me your motorcycle photos...

    Okay, why not, I'll give this a try.

    Riding out and down FR#25 behind Mt. St Helens on my 97 VFR 750. What more is there to say, other than probably the best all a round motorcycle there is. thou those super motards are starting to catch my eye, but really with it's V4 power I can ride like a full out sport or tour all day long. Besides it's Red! what other color is there.

    And if thats not enough, it's a blast to ride and has a sound like no other.

    Coming out of Carson Wa. to this spectactular view.

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    Re: Show Me your motorcycle photos...

    Quote Originally Posted by RoadRat
    Yep, gotta be an 81/82, according to Barry up in Alberta thats the only two years they were made ha, ha,
    Heck call it an 81 1/2 that way at most your only 6 mo. off.

    Great looking bike.
    Lets see, if I figured this right, the bike only had about 15,000 on it when you purchased it? Is that original mileage? If it is, wow.

    Would you care to rate your motorcycle? (scale of 1-10)

    Don, thanks for the response, if you have more pics you would like to share, we would love to see them.

    p.s. I didn't even ask about the mirrors
    p.p.s. I just took a second look at your pics, bike looks like new!
    Yeah, that's it, and 81 ½, I've been looking for something to call it.

    I'll go ahead and rate it at an 8/10, easily maintained, no problems with it. Is there really a 10 out there for me?

    15,471.9 in the previous owner's pictures to me when I was considering buying it.

    I'm not sure if I have any more pictures other than those, there might be some more in a previous thread about my first ride.
    100 years from now, it won't matter what kind of car I drove, house I owned, or things I have......but what will matter are the values I pass down to my kids and grandchildren.My Blog

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    Re: Show Me your motorcycle photos...

    !989 Honda Transalp XR600V
    20xxx miles, Supertrapp only mod.
    Great bike for what I do, would like more seat comfort.
    Could use more front brake.
    Would love to get a new,or newer T/A or Africa twin.
    Rate 7.5/10
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    Gone away
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    2011 Kawasaki KLR

    2004 Harley Davidson XL 883

    This is my 04 Sportster XL 883 with 16K . Got this bike in July of 04. My first Harley and I must say I love this bike. Why? It's simple and pure. No fancy engine,No double overhead cams, A single carb air cooled V-Twin, No Brembro brakes, Single discs, No heated grips, No electric windshield, No driveshaft but a belt drive I dont have to touch. This bike vibrates at bit, burps through the carb once and awhile, and I love it ! I added the fairing, custom seat, Progressive rear shocks, changed the exhaust, re-jetted the carb and changed the Air Cleaner. Not one issue at all in 16,000 miles. Not a Rocket by no means but a low end Torque machine and will reach triple digits with ease.
    I would take this bike anyplace, last year did a 3 day 1300 mile trip to the california coast and loved it.

    This picure was taken last year at Hoover dam..

    Since then I added a diff Air cleaner from Arlen Ness


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    Re: Show Me your motorcycle photos...

    Death Valley 2006, R1100GS
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    Re: Show Me your motorcycle photos...

    WOW Is that legal? Thats alot of stuff on there.

    This is a 2006 Kawasaki Ninja EX250. - Lil Rocket
    7/10 - Buzzy at high RPMs, but gets 55 to 70 MPG
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    Re: Show Me your motorcycle photos...

    Here's my 2 bikes.
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    Ride Fast, Ride Safe, Ride Another Day

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    Re: Show Me your motorcycle photos...

    My FZ1 in Death Valley, August '05. 118 degrees. On a 2,900 mile trip.
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    Re: Show Me your motorcycle photos...

    Quote Originally Posted by Ally House
    Mine is a '01 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100. Shaft drive, kind of tall shift ratio, 5 speed. Its my first motorcycle, and I've had it since September, 2003. It had 5100 miles when I bought it, and I rolled over 17100 today riding with BikerDuck.

    This was April, this year, at Dorena Covered Bridge, over the Row River, near Cottage Grove

    Attachment 29123

    This was later in April, this year, over in Yachats, on the Oregon Coast

    Attachment 29124

    This is me, September of '04, riding in the Redwoods. This is the back side of Jed Smith, along Howland Hill Rd, approaching Stout Grove.

    Attachment 29125

    Once again, this is the Redwoods. Mill Creek Campground. June this year.

    Attachment 29126

    I would rate my bike at about a 7. It has been a great first bike for me; I've taken it on several 1200-1500 mile trips, slabs and blue highways, and its done everything I've asked it to. Maintainence is relatively simple. I plan on running the mileage up on it pretty high before I go on to my next bike.

    Nice bike, nice photos.
    Great post, I don't have any questions, cause you covered it all.

    The covered bridge shot reminds me of bridges we have in New England.
    I particularly like the redwoods shot (Sept. 04), with the fern's, redwood's, small curving road, contrasting sun/shade background. I don't know what the temperature was but the photo gives the impression that the redwoods are providing cool relief from the sun.

    If you have more motorcycle photos you are willing to share, keep em coming, I would like to see them and I'm sure others would too.

    More photos please.

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    Re: Show Me your motorcycle photos...

    I'll play along...

    All shots were taken with a Nikon CoolPix 8700 here in Texas.

    First photo was taken on FM 1489 just north of the tiny town of Simonton.

    Second shot was taken on FM 1093 a few miles west of Fulshear.

    Third shot was taken in Fayetteville. The BMW with sidecar is a 1966 model year - 40 years older than my 2006 Kawasaki 650R.

    Last shot is right off FM 1489 and down a beautiful tree lined lane.
    Keith in Katy, TX
    '06 Red/Black Suzuki Hayabusa '07 Lime Kawasaki KX450F
    '06 Silver Kawasaki Ninja 650R * '06 Black Kawasaki Mean Streak * '05 Red Honda CRF100F

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