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Thread: Six-Month Health Status Report for z-bassman

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    Six-Month Health Status Report for z-bassman

    I am, apparently, a paradox...
    Main Entry: par·a·dox
    Pronunciation: 'per-&-"däks, 'pa-r&-
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Latin paradoxum, from Greek paradoxon, from neuter of paradoxos contrary to expectation, from para- + dokein to think, seem

    one (as a person, situation, or action) having seemingly contradictory qualities or phases

    A few days ago I mentioned to a friend that I was scheduled to see my cardiologist for my six-month followup. The goal, I expained, was to see how my heart had progressed since its diagnosis (Ideopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy, for those of you that may not have heard) - if indeed it had progressed at all. (I declined to consider the possibility of its worsening.) My friend asked what I thought the results of the tests would be.

    I replied, "Objectively, I don't think there's been any improvement. Subjectively, I feel much better than I did six months ago." In other words, I predicted that the tests would show no improvement and that would be in conflict with how I felt.

    Not only am I a paradox, but I'm smart too!

    The doctor was, at the end of our time, very puzzled because the tests did indeed reveal a very bad heart that is working very poorly. No worse than six months ago, but poorly none-the-less. Sitting on his table, however, was a man that felt great. I can climb (some) stairs. I can walk (a bit). I don't get winded getting dressed or showering. My subjective health does not match my objective test results.

    So, to make a long story slightly less long...

    I feel good, with some physical limitations. They continue to adjust my medications slightly in an attempt to lower my resting heartrate (currently at or about 120bpm). I continue to struggle some with a low-sodium diet and no caffiene. I continue to struggle some with mental and emotional aspects mostly related to stubborn male pride and my unwillingness to concede traditional physical male "chores" to my more than willing wife, but also related to mortality and the reality of living with an ailing heart. I continue to struggle with weight loss.

    But my God is bigger than all this!!!


    Sean <><

    "A sunny day on a motorcycle in Tuscany...does not suck."

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    Re: Six-Month Health Status Report for z-bassman

    Sean...what a great attitude!

    Hang in there, amigo!


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    Re: Six-Month Health Status Report for z-bassman


    Sorry to hear you are having health difficulties...but glad that your attitude is a great one. That can make all the difference.

    As for the weight loss struggle...i swear, the only solution is to have one's mouth sewn shut!! Seriously though, I imagine that just leaving high fat foods behind and eating more of what grows, as in fruits and vegetables and grains and eating less red meat could really assist. I am sure your Dr. has you on a similar diet already. If you are interested in some great low fat recipes pm me...i am the queen of knowing how to lose weight...but the knave of doing it.

    Just take it easy, dude...take this time to do some reading, update those web pages and get some light exercise with the family.

    take care, man!
    “Good judgment comes from experience, and a lotta that comes from bad judgment." Papa-Ken

    Ride Like a Girl
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    Re: Six-Month Health Status Report for z-bassman

    Sean, you may want to see a dietitian for weight loss. That's what we do: to help or assist people who need to lose or weight gain. Make sure you are losing your muscle content. I know it's a hard thing to do. It's absolutely a lifestyle change. Many experiences a yo yo weight,which is not recommended. I can answer questions if you had about the weight loss plan since i am a registered dietitian.
    I know you can do it Sean. Great attitude is also a great factor!! You have already have it.

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    Re: Six-Month Health Status Report for z-bassman


    The mere fact that you have posted this here in this humor forum is quite a tribute to your great attitude. Though I have never met you in person, I am confident from what I have come to know through your posts that I can also say - great character. I truly doubt that I could handle such a challenge with your grace. Your heart of flesh may be weak, but where it matters most, your heart is one that all of us should emulate.

    None of this is by accident, none of us gets out of this mess of a world alive, and if we play our hand right, we more than get it all back.

    Keep the faith.

    God Bless,

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    Re: Six-Month Health Status Report for z-bassman

    Thanks for letting us know Sean!

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    Re: Six-Month Health Status Report for z-bassman

    Sean great to hear that you are feeling better, even if the results don't show much. I know attitude can win the fight all on it's own.

    I sometimes wonder, is it better to feel great yet have test that don't show much improvement, or feel like crap and have test show that you should be fine? Just a thought.

    Hang in there.
    It is far more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow.

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    Re: Six-Month Health Status Report for z-bassman

    Keep on truckin' Sean. It's (mostly) all in the attitude.
    Duck in Flames

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    Re: Six-Month Health Status Report for z-bassman

    Hey Sean, doin good! Hang in there buddy!
    "The key to life is to die young, at a very old age"

    "Ride like you own the road, and one day the road will own you"

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    Re: Six-Month Health Status Report for z-bassman

    never under estimate the power of the mind,continue the positive attitude and thinking!
    "The purpose of Law in our time is to create a web in which the common man cannot live without being guilty of some crime." - Ayn Rand

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