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Thread: I'm back...

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    Happy Turn I'm back...

    If only I could just get on the bike and ride off into the horizon. Ah well, back to reality... finally back to the world of emails, phones and the usual caotic day to day grind after several days of riding Northern California.

    I see all of you have been very busy as I have a lot of threads to read. Thanks to John for helping me move in the midst of all this, and Ben for keep an eye on the forum. So many new threads, and the 'Iowa Hill' thread is now approaching 10,000 views - a milestone for any fledgling forum.

    Spent much of last week with the staff of Cycle World Magazine on a ride I planned for the magazine- fun time, even though it was totally rained out on the latter part of the ride. Woke up in Weaverville to rain, and more rain. Will post a thread about the ride much later, as David Edwards asked if I waited a short time before the August issue of Cycle World comes out when they print the story. I shot about 350 photos and it'll take about a week to write the thread.

    Anyway, good to be back nevertheless - Next Pashnit Tour is end of this month - April 29th - Nor Cal !! Lots of snow in the Trinity Alps, and fresh snow on the Scott Mtn Summit on Hwy 36!

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    Re: I'm back...

    Can't wait for the new read!

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    Re: I'm back...

    Ditto on that... and welcome back, Tim. Hope everything went well with your move. While you're definitelty the sun around which this part of the moto world revolves, we're locked into orbit here, even when the big guy is away for a bit.


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    Re: I'm back...

    welcome back! I joined while you were away,thanks for the forum!

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