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Thread: Sonoma Mountain Road bites dust

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    Sonoma Mountain Road bites dust

    Doni and I worked from home today, which means bike ride for lunch! We headed to Glen Ellen via Sonoma Mountain Road...only to find the road is washed out...with no apparent effort in progress to fix it. A couple hundred feet of asphalt are moving down the hill.

    Fortunately we were riding our "little" bikes and after some consideration, found a path through! The hardest part was the last pic. But you can see a little ramp there which actually made it pretty easy.

    Sorry for the bad pics. We weren't expecting to take any and grabbed these with our cell phone.
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    Re: Sonoma Mountain Road bites dust

    Wow! That looked like a fun road.
    Happy Trails.

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    Re: Sonoma Mountain Road bites dust

    Now THAT is a goat trail!
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    Re: Sonoma Mountain Road bites dust

    So what's the problem
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    Re: Sonoma Mountain Road bites dust

    So didja just pop 'er up on one wheel and wheelie across?

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    Re: Sonoma Mountain Road bites dust

    A ramp was mentioned, so I'm sure they jumped it.....
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    Do a poppa-wheelie

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    Re: Sonoma Mountain Road bites dust

    The biggest barrier (literally) was fitting Kimber's bike between the tree and the slab o' concrete with the "road closed" sign (which we obviously took as a suggestion, not an order).
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