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Thread: Where the Hell is Matt?

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    Where the Hell is Matt?

    Nice idea and video:



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    Re: Where the Hell is Matt?

    Quote Originally Posted by Eifelrider
    Nice idea and video:

    Highly original ..I can see this idea catching on ..........

    Only two reasons why I can't do that .............

    I can't dance [ plus , you don't wanna see me try ]
    I haven't been to that many places .

    Fast enough to enjoy the curves , slow enough to enjoy the scenery

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    Re: Where the Hell is Matt?

    Nice whirlwind tour!

    All those interesting places... then Area 51.
    Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of fuel before you can think straight!

    Ride as if your life depended on it!

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    Re: Where the Hell is Matt?

    Lucky guy being paid to do it

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    Re: Where the Hell is Matt?

    He's pretty funny too! The FAQ's were hilarious!
    Thanx for directing our attention to a very unique idea...much like the red paper clip guy!
    Language is the apparel in which our thoughts parade before the public.
    Never clothe them in vulgar or shoddy attire.

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    Re: Where the Hell is Matt?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sbyllek
    He's pretty funny too! The FAQ's were hilarious!
    Thanx for directing our attention to a very unique idea...much like the red paper clip guy!
    Very funny part of that webpage, definitely a witty sense of humor.
    Who are you? What’s your deal?
    Hm…you should probably read “About Matt” first for the basics, then come here if you want to know more.

    Why do you hate Canadians?
    I don’t hate Canadians. I made an ill-advised sarcastic remark on this page that some took at face value. The idea seemed ridiculous. How can anyone hate Canadians? It’s like hating bread.

    Then why haven't you been to Canada?
    I’ve been to Canada many times and have a high opinion of the place and its people (and bread too). I simply haven’t danced there yet. I will remedy that soon.

    How do you afford all this travel?
    I saved up at my job for a few years and then quit. That’s the simple answer.

    It also doesn’t cost as much as a lot of folks think. Aside from the flights, I spend less on any given day than I would sitting at home paying utilities, car insurance, parking tickets (I get a lot of parking tickets)...

    If you visit regions like Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, and most of Africa -- and you’re willing to rough it a little -- you can get by on dollars a day.

    More recently, with the crazy and unexpected response to the first dancing video, I’ve been lucky enough to find help getting to those hard-to-reach places. So no, I didn't fund the whirlwind, seven-continent escapade with the money I tucked away making videogames.

    "Help?" I hear you got a sponsorship. What's that about?
    The folks at Stride gum were nice enough to support me on my second trip.

    Why haven't I heard of Stride before?
    Because it's new.

    What's so special about it?
    The flavor lasts a really long time.

    Come on. How long?
    Ridiculously long.

    Are they paying you to say this?
    Nope. Honest.

    Did they make you chew gum on your trip?
    They didn't make me do much of anything. They are very good people.

    Did they tell you where to go?
    Nope. They said, and I'm quoting here:

    "We like what you're doing. We want to help you. We don't want to mess with you."

    These words charmed me, and they stayed true to them.

    Did they edit the video for you?
    Nope. I came home, put it together, sorted the music out, and slapped it up on the internet. That was pretty much it.

    Like I said: good people.

    Do you get lots of free gum?
    I get lots of free gum.

    How did you find them?
    They found me.

    How do I get sponsored to travel?
    I really can't help you with that. Wouldn't have a clue. Sorry.

    How much did you spend on your trips?
    Manners, people!

    Screw manners. How much did you spend?
    Why do you want to know? Are you planning a trip? If that's the case, my numbers probably won’t help you.

    Are you just curious? Fair enough, but you’ll have to remain so. The way I was raised, it's not polite to talk about.

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