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Thread: Bay Area Dual Sport Roads

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    Bay Area Dual Sport Roads

    I have an XR 650L and my buddy just got a KLR 650. We both live in the east bay of the San Francisco area. Where are the closest Dirt Roads/Dual sport riding so I can break him in?

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    Re: Bay Area Dual Sport Roads

    I just moved here (Pleasanton), and found the Carnegie off-road park in the hills south-east of Livermore on Tesla Road. Most trails are for lighter off-road bikes, but I took my KTM 950 there and rode a few of the easier trails, and it was fun. Go on week days, since weekends are crazy there with hundreds and thousands of mx bikes.

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    Re: Bay Area Dual Sport Roads

    You can try Knoxville offroad recrection area near berryessa lake.Google it.

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    Re: Bay Area Dual Sport Roads

    There’s a variety of maps to riding areas within 1-5 hours from here that can be seen on the Yahoo SF Dirtbikes forum.

    Here’s the forum homepage…

    Here’s the riding areas directory in the Links section…

    California Dirt Bike & ATV riding areas.

    CA Numbered Riding Areas Map…

    HTH… John

    edit to add...
    There really aren't too many "dirt roads" to take in the "immediate" Bay Area.
    Most of those are private and gated.

    I'm not from or familiar with the East Bay opportunities.
    Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of fuel before you can think straight!

    Ride as if your life depended on it!

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