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Thread: BMW HP2 release Fall 05

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    BMW HP2 release Fall 05

    Hey Law Dawg,

    You sparked my interest in an earlier thread regarding the soon to be released BMW HP2 enduro. Did some searching on the web, and this link provides the most detailed preview I could find. Looks totally awesome, although I note it's being marketed as stripped down pure enduro with no planned accessories. I'm sure the aftermarket folks at Touratech, Wunderlich, and others will eventually dream up storage panniers, tank bags, etc...

    Questions: Would adding accessories defeat the purpose on this design? Would one be better served by their 1200GS if storage options are desired for multi-day riding?
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    Re: BMW HP2 release Fall 05

    I think the R1200GS is the way to go for luggage and distance comfort. The HP2 strikes me as a hooligan bike. No wind shield, no passenger pegs, no anti dive front end. Just perfect for burning up asphalt and dirt while riding solo. My impression is that the HP2 will just be a hoot but not really practical for long touring.

    I'm sure that Touratech will offer a wide spectrum of add ons. Considering the initial low weigh, it just might be fun to tour on with added luggage etc...if you never ever wanted to take a passenger and replaced the seat too. Maybe soft luggage and tank bag would cover it.

    I went to look at the KTM Adventure today, this will be the one the HP2 is shooting at. The KTM comes with side cases and other nice touches and is a strikingly purdy enduro! BMW will have to come up with a more touring friendly HP2 to really compete. Were I in the market for a new higher displacement enduro tourer, right now, I would be hard pressed to pass up the KTM. The one I looked at was black and sinister looking...could hear it calling my poor broke name.

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