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Thread: Extended Warranty

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    Extended Warranty

    Should I get the extended warranty for my Busa? The dealer is offering it for $450.00 dollars for two years. Is it worth it? I am especially interested in what other Busa owners experience with the reliability of their bikes. Anyone opinion is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Extended Warranty

    I got the 3 years for $475 for my FZ6, I thought it was cheep insurance. It also covers towing, hotel and rental car/bike if the bike is down for more than 3 days on the road. Luckily I haven't had to use it. That would deff be worth the $475 IMHO

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    Re: Extended Warranty

    When I worked at a Honda dealership, the warranties were about double that to the customer from Honda. Not cheap, but definitely worth it if you need it. Personally, I think it's cheap insurance and it gives good piece of mind. That being said, the policy is only as good as the company it's written through. If it's from Suzuki, I wouldn't have any concerns. If it's from a 3rd party that I'd never heard of, I might be a little curious as to how hard it will be to get them to cover anything. For what it's worth, we never had a vehicle come in for warranty work unless it was due to some kind of recall.

    My folks bought a Ford Aerostar years ago and opted to lay out $1200.00 for an extended warranty. 2 transmissions, 2 transfer cases, a couple of axels and some various other work that was done inside of the original warranty made them glad that they spent the extra money.

    $475 for 2 years sounds like a bargain to me. I think I'd do it if it were me.

    Out of curiosity, does the current generation of 'Busa have any known problems?
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    Re: Extended Warranty

    I'm a big fan of an extended warranty...when I have the option, I take advantage of is good to have the peace of mind. Of the 3 bikes I was able to get an ext. warranty on, only one required it...but the repair equaled the cost of all 3 warranties, so I'm even at this point.

    Bottom line, it doesn't take much of a repair to equal $450, no matter what you ride.

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    Re: Extended Warranty

    Get the warranty. It increases resale a bit, can save you from very costly repairs, and is pretty cheap.
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    Re: Extended Warranty

    I work for Toyota and they are reliable cars but if one thing does go wrong then a bill is coming your way but if you extend then your not gona have to reach into your pockets to pay for the repair

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    Re: Extended Warranty

    While I have nothing against extended warranties, I do have a slightly different perspective since I have been hired by others to try and get coverage under them, or to have them honored, in the past.

    So, Rule #1 would be - know the warranty company as well as you can before buying. Research them on the web, talk to others with the same policy if you can (the dealer may or may not be a help, here...and that may tell you something, too)

    Rule #2 would be - think long and hard about how you will use the bike. A low mileage garage queen is less likely to need the extended warranty than a bike riden daily and taken on long trips.

    Rule #3 would be - talk to your regular insurance agent about the coverage. No sense buying an extended warranty for the towing or other benefit if that's already offered under your insurance policy.

    Then again...$450 is awfully cheap....

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    Re: Extended Warranty

    My motorcycle dealership want $2300 dollars for probably the same warranty. I think McGraw is the underwriter. They only have to pay $275. Then they sell it to you. Your dealer seems to be more honest than mine. I will show them the paper work I have and offer to pay $400. Hopefully the will be embarrased an accept this offer "graciously". $475 honestly doesn't sound like such a bad deal. I would make them an offer.

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    Re: Extended Warranty

    Chances are you till add mods to it within the year that will void any extended warranty anyway. My dad has over 30k miles on his 04 busa and the only thing that he has had problems with is his 2nd gear shift fork. 495.00 Is cheap insurance as long as you dont add mods that will void it.
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    Re: Extended Warranty

    Wow, do Busas' really need warrenty voiding performance mods?

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