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Thread: Free BMW's in the UK!

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    Free BMW's in the UK!

    I didn't see this posted anywhere else on this site so here it is! Found it on a different site thought I'd share here!!

    I also saw it on the news and they say that the people will not be allowed to keep the stuff unless the owner/s say it is ok!! Which I doubt BMW will say it is ok. So I doubt they will be able to register the bikes!!!!


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    Re: Free BMW's in the UK!

    Here is a little term we use in the States. " When they pry it from my cold dead fingers" Besides that is what BMW pays insurance for. Even if they dont let you register, how sweet would a brand new track b*@#h be?

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    Re: Free BMW's in the UK!

    Wish I had the day off brand new bike for free ,but surley the electrics would be damaged by the salt water

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    Re: Free BMW's in the UK!

    Quote Originally Posted by SUNNY
    Wish I had the day off brand new bike for free ,but surley the electrics would be damaged by the salt water
    Depends on whether the container (was) opened before or after it hit the beach. And screw the electrics, think what salt water will do to the bearings and bores...

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    Re: Free BMW's in the UK!

    I could use a new back tyre
    Apparently my Z rated tyre can't be repaired [ garages over here say that legislation prevents them from repairing Z rated tyres ] - so it's either a new one or an attempt with Ultraseal / Ride on type stuff first .

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