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Thread: LiLSassy

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    Hi everyone -

    well, Sassy was scheduled to have the operation at 12:30, but it didn't get started until 2:00 PM . The surgery lasted about 5 hours so I didn't talk to the Doctor until about 7:30 PM. He said the surgery went well and it was one of the worst cases of a compressed nerve he had seen. The surgery went well and she should see great improvement. He thought she would be out of recovery in about an hour.

    3 hours later she was still in the recovery room and I inquired about what was going on as we were not allowed back there. They had no information other than she was still there. About a half hour later, the Surgeon called and let me know that Sassy's heart had a very irregular reading and it had taken some time to get it calmed down. While I was on the phone with the Surgeon, the anesteliogist came to talk to me and explain what was going on -- then about 30 minutes later I was taken back into recovery where they were getting Sassy ready to go to her room in the cardio section.

    The night did not bring much sleep and Sassy used the pain meds alot to get just brief sleep. Today they ran some tests and found the heart to be okay and just a weird thing that happened. She was up with the physical therapist and did a good walk -- plus the stress of the heart test kinda of tuckered her out -- not to mention the previous days surgery -- but the good news is she was defiinetly feeling better even after all of that.

    Other than the heart situation, she did loose quite a bit of blood and had to have a transfusion.

    If anyone is able to donate blood in her name, it would be very deeply appreciated.

    Right now she is still in the Cardio section of the hospital and could stay there for the duration of her stay ---- She would welcome some visitors, and I would suggest you just ask at St. Agnes what room she is in, just in case she does get moved.


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    Re: LiLSassy

    Wow...That sounds like a rocky few days huh?
    Glad she's doing well and hoping for a speedy recovery!
    Thanx for the update!
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    Re: LiLSassy

    Well, we will just all look at it in a positive light. She is throught the worst of it and the rest of it will just be positive!

    Thnaks for keeping us updated. Give Mary our best and tell her she is in out thoughts & prayers.

    Bill & Trudy
    Bill (SklyWag)
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    Re: LiLSassy

    Sassy! I'm gonna go find that guy in the car from Death Valley for you to whoop on so you better get back up & going fast!

    Hang in there Rod. We're all here for the both of ya. The worst is over. Better days ahead.

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    Re: LiLSassy

    Sassy, Get well soon! I am looking forward to riding with you this spring. Did you wear the boa in surgery?
    Down but not out

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    Re: LiLSassy

    Rod, Hope all progresses well, Give Sassy my best. It will be good to see her up and around soon.
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    Re: LiLSassy

    Thanks for the update Rod. She's been on our minds and in our prayers. Good to hear she's doing well. Please tell Mary that Jen and I look forward to seeing her up and around soon.

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    Re: LiLSassy

    Thanks for posting the news. Rod, I can only imagine what that's like, having never been on the waiting room side of things. I hope for a speedy recovery for Mary, and many rides in the future!!
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    Re: LiLSassy

    Thanks for the update Rod, we hope Mary heals up soon! Keep us posted on her progress.

    Don & Cyndi Hopkirk

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    Re: LiLSassy

    Great to hear she is doing well.

    Get better soon Sassy

    thank you Rod for the update.
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