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Sacramento-- Tex Wasabi's
Sacramento-- Tex Wasabi's
Just what this town needs, another gimmick restaurant
Published by kluts
Author review
Average 44%
Sacramento-- Tex Wasabi's

This place was supposed to be a hot venue. Located on Arden near Howe Avenue, not far from the Cal Exposition grounds, Tex Wasabi's is supposed to be a hip restaurant serving "diversity" in the form of BBQ and Sushi, two darling foods of the X-Y gen. Maybe, maybe not, but this one misses the target like a goose feather in a windstorm.

To quote an internet food reviewer:

"Ate here today, it was AWFUL! The service was so slow, it took them 30 mins to bring out our food, then 20 mins to get the bill paid after we were done. The beef brisquit was dry, the cole slaw had no flavor and the portion of veggies was ridiculously small. It’s been open for a while so I’ve decided it doesn’t deserve another try. Big disappointment…" (from This says it all.

I Had lunch at this place in early September. it is STILL the same general description.
  • Food portions not so great
  • Service was so-so
  • Considering place is still new, not too clean
  • Food itself unexciting--even bland--compared to what was represented

For BBQ, go somewhere else where they know how to do it. For Sushi, Sacramento crawls with high quality restaurants that do a far better job.

For a TV Chef who's trying to build a reputation this is no way to introduce himself to Sacramento. It's obvious he's not keeping an eye on the kettle.
By ShACEdow on 10-18-2007, 08:02 AM
Re: Sacramento-- Tex Wasabi's

and overpriced too..IMHO
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