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Re: Future new rider or newb ready to move up in CCs? Please check out this post.

The biggest challenge isn't making this information available to newbies, but to have them listen to it. Newbies and veterans can both be very stubborn for different reasons. Sometimes it takes a massive mistake to make one humble enough to except new ideas.

Put yourself in the newb's position. What if some random guy walked up to you and started pointing out flaws in your riding technique? Would you be humble and listen? Or would you think you knew what you were doing and brush him off? What can this guy know about riding? I've been riding for decades right?

I think young riders have bad role models. It's either the stunter type with the ICON vest and mohawk helmet. Or the sleeveless leather vest Harley guy with arm fat flapping in the wind. Yes, there are responsible newbs. But most people only listen to people they admire and respect. Australia has gotten the right idea with their PSA's.
"Fixation is the way to death, fluidity is the way to life."
Miyamoto Musashi
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Re: Future new rider or newb ready to move up in CCs? Please check out this post.

One adventure down, and many to go...
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Re: Future new rider or newb ready to move up in CCs? Please check out this post.

Some great videos in that series Kay!

Like this one;

Mick Doohan - Gear Up - YouTube
Matthew 7: 21-23
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Re: Future new rider or newb ready to move up in CCs? Please check out this post.

One can never get enough of watching and learning from safety videos.
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Re: Future new rider or newb ready to move up in CCs? Please check out this post.

So, I figured, hey, I've been riding for ten years, got some mileage behind the handlebars... it's time to move up from 750CC older bikes (most old enough to vote!) to something newer and with a bit more displacement.

See if this progression sounds familiar:

'79 XS750 (hey at least the HD crowd respects me.. oh wait, they don't).
'87 FZ700 (Yay! it's fast! Too bad I'm not.)
'85 FZ750 (Feels like the last bike, only...not as fun. Bleah.)
'92 K75RT (Now I feel like an old man... but this thing sure is comfy on long trips)
'08 Sprint ST 1050 (Warp Speed, Mr. Sulu!)

The Sprint scares me. I can actually feel the rear tire squirm if I roll the throttle too hard or too early out of a turn. The sensation of the front wheel getting 'vague' on hard throttle off a light is disconcerting... not sure if it's off the pavement but the contact patch is getting damn small. And then there's braking... oh I'm leaned over and need to slow down, SHIT it's standing up! Countersteer. COUNTER STEER. Good, that works. Now stop being a squid and pay attention.

If I hadn't ridden all those other bikes? I'd probably think these danger signs were 'normal' up until the point where I threw the Trumpet down the road.

So I'm still a slow rider on a fast bike. Nothing wrong with slow... I'm not on a track anyway.
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