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Name: James


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Thumbup A long ride 5-26-07

A long ride indeed, 157 miles just to start the real ride. Actually, I deviated from my original plan which was to go straight to Shasta, but when I saw Red Bluff, Hwy 36 instantly came to mind and if I don't ride it now who knows when I'll get a chance, too.
Name:  A long ride 5-26-07 (600 x 400).jpg
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And so my 1st ride is Hwy 36, even if I didn't go the whole length I got a pretty good taste of it. About 1/3 of the way I turned off @ Platina rd
Name:  A long ride 5-26-07 (30) (795 x 353).jpg
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and from what I've just experienced (Hwy 36 ) I can say that this road is a close mini version of 36. Next I get lost, like I said I deviated from my original plan, and I ended up on some cool roads with tons of Harley's going the other way. Finally I get to Turtle Bay Exploration Park to do some recon, planning to take my son this summer, just wanted to have a looksy.
Name:  A long ride 5-26-07 (76) (600 x 400).jpg
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Next on my list the 3 Shasta's, so up 151 I go and I'm thinking how cool it would be to ride across and maybe, even take some pictures. Turns out you need to fill out an application, then after they do a backround check and make sure I'm not on any terrorist list I get a permit (1 week later) so I can ride my scoot across the Dam. Like if I was a terrorist I'm gonna wait for a permit so I can terrorize the place, I didn't even bother walking across, it was too long.
Name:  A long ride 5-26-07 (89) (600 x 450).jpg
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On my original plan my next rides will take me to Burney so I can check out the falls (3miles round trip on foot 2c it, I'm sorry I'm riding 2day), then south on Hwy 89 through Lassen Volcanic park and then continue on to Quincy then back track on Hwy 70 to Oroville. So you probably guessed by now that that's not the way I went, smart guy. Instead I'm on I-5 to Hwy 99 to Chico. Took a quick peek of Bidwell Mansion and I'm off again.
Name:  IMG_2670 (600 x 450).jpg
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When I get to Hwy 70 I got this urge 2go2 Quincy, the sign says 72 miles I'm thinking x2 and it's almost 3pm,
Name:  A long ride 5-26-07 (100) (732 x 385).jpg
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so I compromised, the first landmark (bridge/tunnel) then I'm turning back.
Name:  A long ride 5-26-07 (109) (800 x 336).jpg
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Another road not on my list Cherokee rd, hmm, it's the shortest way to Oroville Dam, ok. You ever get on those wooden coaster, the ride is bumpy w/short turns that whips you side2side in your seat w/alot of jerk action? thats what I felt during the 1st half of the ride and almost aldaway to the end, but you know in that coaster ride your screamin and yelling and just having a good ol' time, yeehaw!
Name:  A long ride 5-26-07 (123) (600 x 450).jpg
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So now I'm on my 2nd dam 42day and you don't actually see water flowing on the other side of this one, huh! You can grow a vineyard on this side of the dam, just dirt and weeds, plenty of water on the other side.
Name:  A long ride 5-26-07 (139) (891 x 342).jpg
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By now it's 5p and I'm know where close to home, so that's it I'm going back to the panderosa and corral me some beef, I'm hungry. Oh, did I mention I left the house @ 4am and got back @ 8pm, 587miles! My longest ride on the scooter in 1 day, it's not Iron Butt, but close enuff 4me. , the tracks are by Sitti she reigns from the Philippines and her genre Bossa Nova, enjoy!

Name:  A long ride 5-26-07 (21) (600 x 450).jpg
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Name:  A long ride 5-26-07 (53) (711 x 323).jpg
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Name:  IMG_2761 (600 x 450).jpg
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Name: Dave

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Re: A long ride 5-26-07

Wow, you went so far and saw so much, as well as missed so much (much like the rest of us). Each time I come back from a ride I tell myself that I'm gonna do that one again except take more time! Good job and nice ride report.
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Old 05-28-2007, 06:49 AM   #3
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Name: Dennis

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Re: A long ride 5-26-07

James, You have been quite the Road Warrior as of late. Congratulations on the extended kitchen pass and an excellent ride. After about 350/400 miles I am (my rear is) toasted. Gotta get a better seat for sure.
You da man on yo bad moto scooter!
Happy Trails.
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Old 05-28-2007, 07:21 AM   #4
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Name: Roger

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Re: A long ride 5-26-07

James, you did an awesome ride on one sweet machine! Whoda
thought a "scooter" would be so capable? Thanks for stopping
to take pics to share. BTW, IMOH, you did the best section of
Hwy 36, one that I've gone out and back on twice in a day.
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Old 05-29-2007, 08:17 AM   #5
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Name: Brett

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Re: A long ride 5-26-07

Great ride report, James. Thanks much for sharing your ride with us. Majestys sure ride smooth, don't they?

I make my "1st big ride" on my 2007 Majesty June 1st when I will do 320 miles from SC to WV for my son's graduation. Then trek back over the mountains and thru the woods to home again 2 days later. Gonna try and take some pictures on the way back to share with folks.

Ride safe and often!
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