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8 days, 7 States, 5 National Parks
8 days, 7 States, 5 National Parks
Published by m0t0-ryder
Page 6

Wednesday, June 22

I packed up and departed the Zion RV and campgrounds around 9:00am, then proceeded on Hwy 9 through Zion Park.

I did not have (or take) the time to do the tour bus to one of the main attractions of the park. Besides, I wouldn’t have felt comfortable leaving my bike and all my gear unattended for too long. As I rode through the park I kept saying to myself What outstanding rock formations. What a great twisty road meandering through this park.

The 1.1 mile tunnel through the solid rock cliffs was also pretty cool. Especially where there were openings in the tunnel looking out the solid rock walls to the valley below. You’re not supposed to stop in the tunnel so I couldn't check out the complete view from these portals.

Here you can see one of these openings, from the outside.

I also saw my first bighorn sheep of the trip in Zion. There were several cars parked, with people sort of jogging down the road towards some rocks, cameras in hand. I passed them and looked up to see what they were running for.

I cruised up to the bottom of the rock and took this looking almost straight up.

It took more than an hour to work my way through the park, mainly because I stopped a so much to ogle and take pictures.

I exited at the northern end of the park.

Soon after leaving the park I was following a group of cars that got "stacked up" behind a lead car that was going very slowly (sub 40mph). Finally the road opened up to 2 lanes in our direction and we all proceeded to pass the slower car. I pulled ahead of everyone and was motoring along about 75mph. In my mirror I noticed a pickup also pass the other cars and work his way up to pass me. After too long a moment in my blind spot, I looked over to see that it was a County Sheriff pickup. He was giving me the “slow down” hand sign! I backed it on down to 65mph and he pulled away. Thanks officer!

After leaving Zion I proceeded east on Hwy 9 to Hwy 89 north. I decided to pass Bryce Canyon National Park, where I’d been before... very cool place, too! This flyby of Bryce Canyon was mostly to save the 2+ hour sidetrack that would have taken me over Hwy 89 north to I-70 east to Hwy 10 north to Hwy 191 north.

A section of Hwy 10, which was mostly long straights.

The section of Hwy 191 from Helper to Duchesne to Vernal included some awesome roads, from slow tight twisties following streams to high speed sweepers through rolling forests of Aspen and pine. .I just couldn't stop to shoot photos!

As it was getting late, and since I wasn't sure of the camping facilities in Flaming Gorge, I decided to get a motel room and spend the evening in Vernal.

Total miles: 392

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By motowriter on 10-26-2005, 05:58 PM
Thumbup Re: 8 days, 7 States, 5 National Parks

A Note from the Editor:

For me, the 2005 moto-touring season will resonate as an especially noteworthy collection of memories, the inaugural riding season of the Pashnit Motorcycle Forum, when every week, it seemed, more riders from all over California were encountering kindred spirits and expanding their ride calendars to overflowing with new ride buddies at every meeting. Among the many riders with whom I had the pleasure to do some exploring this season, John Logan (aka m0t0-ryder) stands out as an exceptional individual, perhaps the most resourceful and dedicated moto adventurer I have ever met.

Twice over the summer I joined John on overnight outings, on my first two moto-camping experiences, in fact. When we discovered I was a bit under-prepared at the Sequoia National Park campground, John was there to lend a hand and make for a trouble-free stay. His subsequent posting on the forum, in planning the dual-sport ride to Mt. Lassen, included a very useful list of essential items the moto-adventurer should pack for the journey. John’s own rig, neatly packed and optimally organized, offered an excellent example of how to do it right, achieving a balance between the necessities and the creature comforts without bringing along the kitchen sink.

All these impressions informed my reading of John’s tale of his great summer adventure to the northern Rockies and beyond. If there was anything holding John back on this ride you won’t find it in evidence in this day-to-day journal of the many miles covered by this intrepid traveler. And for the touring enthusiasts, we now have an impressive collection of outstanding photos to whet our appetites for an extended moto adventure to some of America’s finest park lands. If you’re like me, you’ll end up looking over a map of National Parks to dream over the places John has been this season and to begin planning your own great summer adventure.

Thank you, John, for sharing your trip with us and showing us the way to stretch our imaginations toward the hinterlands in search of adventure.
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By RolnCode3 on 10-27-2005, 09:34 AM
Re: 8 days, 7 States, 5 National Parks

John - Great write up on what looks to a great trip. The National Parks certainly seem to display some of the most beautiful areas of our country. With the possibility of 3 weeks in a row off next summer, a trip like yours (or your possible one to Colorado) is looming in my mind. Great ride, great pics, thanks for sharing.
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By ST4FUN on 11-03-2005, 03:02 PM
Re: 8 days, 7 States, 5 National Parks

Wow, I gotta get out more! Nice read and the pic's are spectacular...very impressive, thanks!
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By G8ESCAP on 11-04-2005, 05:52 AM
Re: 8 days, 7 States, 5 National Parks

Wow John! You packed a lot of prime riding and scenery into just 8 days.

Any plans for next summer?
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By chandi on 11-21-2005, 11:17 PM
Re: 8 days, 7 States, 5 National Parks

John - not only do I have to thank you for such an inspiring article, but also for leading me into joining this delightful forum. I've seen your thread posted on SBR and I was glad I followed it into this forum.
Amazing pics and hope I'll follow your route one day into the magnificent nature you've shown us.
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By Wanderlust on 11-22-2005, 01:13 PM
Re: 8 days, 7 States, 5 National Parks

John - Your article is an inspiration to me. There are very few things as refreshing and exciting as going solo on a trip like this. There is something thrilling about touring far away from home "out in the middle of nowhere," knowing that the only person you have to worry about pleasing is yourself. I really envy you. We should talk, because I have a goal to make a trip very similar to this one next year, except in the opposite direction.

Thanks for stepping out.
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By rnbike on 11-25-2005, 05:19 PM
Re: 8 days, 7 States, 5 National Parks


Wow. Thank you for sharing your adventure. Your article and photos inspired me a lot. I thought this country is too big to travel with a motorcycle. But I have to change my mind. You made more than 3000 miles in 8 days!! Just amazing.

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By calikatoom on 12-07-2005, 07:38 PM
Re: 8 days, 7 States, 5 National Parks

Holy Moly!

That is what I kept saying to myself as I scrolled down to see one incredible picture after another. Fantastic ride report John! You captured the soul of what an extended solo tour is all about. I still can't believe how many beautiful pictures you captured.

I hope we get to do some more riding together this next year.
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By 2legs2wheels on 12-07-2005, 11:08 PM
Re: 8 days, 7 States, 5 National Parks

Very nice road trip...I would love to follow the same route someday
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