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Motorcycle Video
Camera Mounts

I ran into this at Old Highway 40 Motorcycle Days.  This guy was running the BattleTrax and filming the whole thing.  I love backyard solutions that don't cost much and this is a great example.  A camera bag with a hole cut into it.  Then bungeed to the tank bag.  Inside the camera bag is foam which surrounds the video camera.  The proud owner of this Suzuki RF600 claimed it worked great and the camera also catches the top end of all the gauges at speed.

Video Camera Mounting solution
Video Camera bungeed to tank bag

Jones Cam

The JonesCAM 480EX Helmet Cam System is the highest quality helmet camera system in the world today. Dare to compare us and you will find that only offers its own uniquely patented helmet camera system that offer top of the line Sony EX-View CCD components at 480 lines of resolution and include a LANC remote control so you dont need to fumble around to begin recording. With JonesCAM Helmet Cameras you focus on the action of the extreme experience instead how to record it.


Jones CAM

This little gem in the picture is what I dream of.  Plugs right into the video camera that is safely in the tankbag.  Then mount that little eye on my helmet and zoom zoom.  You can purchase this at for $195.

Comments on the HelmetCam:
"I just bought the lens from "" I'd considered the mounts for the camcorder, but I decided the best, least intrusive method was HelmetCamera's small lens.  Just stuff your camcorder in a fanny pack, or the tail section of your bike and hook it to the tiny lens.  It comes with Velcro strips for mounting, on helmet or fairing.  They sell a lens mount that is pivotal. and attaches with screws.  The lens has a wide angle effect, and makes for good on-board video.  My friend has one, and when I saw the footage, my mind was made."

SportBikeCam Mount

Buy SportbikeCam

Rear Mount Video Camera

$99.00 or $179 for both

Great for the street or track, the mounting system provides a solid platform for your video camera or still camera to capture stunning images to show your friends. The adjustable pivot mount lets you get that shot just right. A vibration dampening pad is also included. Never worry again about your camera falling off. You can move the camera forward or back on the extension arm using multiple mounting holes. The SportBikeCam design allows you to fill your tank with no hassle. The camera can be removed in seconds with the supplied knob at a rest stop or end of the day.

The back of the tank bracket is relieved so it won't scratch your tank. Works great with helmetcam systems to provide easy access to your camera. CNC machined from aircraft 6061 aluminum and stylishly fit to each motorcycle. The kit includes all mounting hardware needed to complete the installation in minutes. Available in satin silver or black stealth finish to add that finishing touch to your machine.

Rear Mount !!

Lockhart Phillips Video Camera Mount
Lockhart Phillips

Another solution from Lockhart Phillips- this Video Camera Mount uses suction cups that adhere to the tank.  It's made of CNC billet aluminum and has stainless steel fasteners.  Fully adjustable and works on any motorcycle. 

Great solution and of course there is a safety line for the killer bumps.  The only strange thing about this for most sportbike riders is where is the tankbag?  Time for a soft tailpack. Or Givi hard bags.  $96 for this one.  Other resellers & mail order houses will also offer this same camera mount.

RAM's Video Camera Mount

RAM Mounts

National Products Inc.
1017 S. Elmgrove St.
Seattle, WA 98108, USA
Phone: 206-763-8361 - Fax: 206-763-9615


Saeng offers a cockpit mount for multiple purposes, including a video camera for about $60-$80.  They use a "booted, precision-tooled aluminum/nylon linkages that hand align and self lock."  Aside from your video camera, it'll also hold your cell phone, GPS, radar detector, garage opener and even- get this... a Palm Pilot.

The difference with Saeng's is that there's no suction cups here, they actual bolt into the cockpit of the bike.  They even have one that's R1, Hayabusa, or ZX-11 specific along with several other bikes. Including BMW's.  Check out the website.  Saeng sells all sorts of other goodies too.

Saeng's Video Camera Mount
Saeng Camera Mount

Motorcycle Camera Mounting Systems
CAM MOUNT with grip action ball head versatile, quick and easy to use. Just grip the handle, squeeze and you can position your camera anywhere within a 180 degree sphere. Let go of the handle and your camera is locked in that position. Supplied with quick release assembly, camera plate and secondary safety catch, built-in bubble and tension adjustment. Made of cast aluminum, and when you stop, the camera is quick to take off with just a flip of the lever. Weight of the mount is approximately 4 lbs. Universal mounting system can be used on bikes with or without windshields. Fits 7/8" - 1" handlebars. 1 1/4" model also.  $225.00
Desert Iron Camera Mounts

Ram Mount Solution

"The mount is made up from parts from RAM , I don't think it's any particular model.  That is kind of the thing with the Ram-Mount, you need to figure out some way to mount it because there are tons of models to choose from on their website.  I don't remember the exact cost but it was from about $50-60.  I went with this setup because I wanted to get views from my windscreen, to include speedometer and tach readings.  I also wanted to keep the camera as protected from the wind, (i.e. bugs, and wind force) and to help with microphone hiss. My Sony Cam has the steadyshot feature and remarkably the video is superb.  I also like the quick release feature. 

  You can't refuel with it on but a couple twist of the hand and its off.  I don't think I would make it a permanent addition just something for particular occasion.  The big plus is no actual modification to any part of the bike. The video camera can be removed by loosening middle lever.

The gas tank allen bolt screws provide the right amount of tension to keep it all steady. My next plan is to modify the mount at the tank so the screws don't stick out and rather hide within the mount.  It would be really nice if that part was shaped in the form of the gas tank ring.  Perhaps I'll get a machine shop to hook something up for me. The other way I can hook it up is near the passenger rear peg facing backwards, but then I have to use the d-ring lock that came with that mount part."  -Blackthorn

Camera Mounting Tips by George

My first "mounting solution" was a bungee net securing the camera to the seat cowl! It worked OK.... but obviously I wanted something better (and no, that vid won't ever be posted, although I have some still frames from it that are interesting.)

Make sure your mount is TIGHT -- my camera is heavy enough that it will tip backwards when I accelerate, if I don't clamp it down good. I've lost a lot of good video that way -- the start of the run looks OK, but by the end it looks like you're doing a wheelie. Whoops. Go back and re-shoot.....

For those who have yet to purchase a camera -- if you plan on upgrading to helmet cams or other input later, get a camera with analog video inputs! My starter camera doesn't have them, so I have no way of hooking up anything externally. External audio is also a plus, because then you can hook up a microphone and "muffle" it by packing it in your bags, or under the seat - you get little to no wind noise that way, and you'll get less 'clipping' on your sound.

It's not likely that you'll find a camera that allows you to push buttons with your gloves on, so get used to setting up your shots while stopped, starting the cameras rolling at a stop sign or a stoplight, and then editing out the 'boring' stuff later. Many cameras 'go to sleep' (power off) if left in pause mode on a battery... so consider getting a car kit, or some other power supply that can be wired to the bike battery. This is 'external power' to the camera, and most won't shut off by themselves then. The cameras don't draw that much juice, so you shouldn't have to worry about your bike not running well - just unplug it when you stop if you wire directly to the battery (instead of the 'run' circuit).

MiniDV is also rather prone to dropouts when the camera is vibrating - I notice this when I wind up the tach -- first the audio drops entirely, then portions of the video get blocky and I start to lose frames. This is because the recording head is actually vibrating against the tape, and it starts to lose contact -thereby losing data. So whatever mount you get, make sure it's god some sort of vibration damping (Harry uses Velcro and it works fairly well, although I've thought of putting some thin foam rubber in between the camera and the mount as well.)

You may be tempted to keep the camera mounted on the bike even when you're not filming. If you do this, turn the camera OFF and put on the lens cap(s). That'll further protect it. The best thing to do of course is to pack it in a saddlebag or backpack, but sometimes that's not possible (or convenient). Unless you can keep the bike in sight, ALWAYS take the camera off when you stop for a break... last thing you want is someone stealing it.

-Deacon Blues
Yamaha FZ600

Other Riders Video Camera Mounting Solutions 

"I use a tank bag and a bunch of old t-shirts. The tank bag mounts to the tank with a bunch of magnets, that way you can move it around a little to get the best picture. I then put the camera in the tank bag and fill the bag up with t-shirts to help stabilize it, and zip the tank bag almost shut, just leaving the front edge of the lens out. Works great, easy to adjust, and if the FUZZ stops you, a quick poke to the lense when you turn off your bike hides the camera."

"I got a piece of sheet metal from Home Depot, cut it down to slightly larger than twice the size of the tank bag top, folded the metal over, with a flat piece of rubber in between, pop riveted D rings to it, and drilled a hole for a mount screw to the camera. I mount the plate to the bottom of the camera, and then you nylon web straps and fastex buckles to wrap around the body of the tank bag, which attaches to the bike with straps. The camera is totally stable, sits behind the fairing bubble with a good view of the gauges, and when I leave the bike, I undo 5 fastex buckles and walk away with the camera. While riding, I can turn the camera on an off, fold the screen out to check the picture and change tapes."
-Ray Kang

Video Camera Mounting

Links - More Info

Hel-Cam - Australia

UK Video Camera Mount Supplier - United Kingdom

CycoActive's GPS mount Gallery | Parts Pics

Build a Camera Mount on your Helmet

View Motorcycle Mounted 
Video of European Roads

Sportbikecam Mount

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This is the last pump you'll ever buy. The CyclePump uses a powerful 12 volt electric motor and a high quality metal compressor assembly that's specially hardened for motorcycle applications. To run the CyclePump simply connect it to any 12 volt power source (like your bike's electrical accessory socket or the terminals of a battery). Attach the air hose to the tire, flip the switch, and begin filling your tire.


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PLUS!! We've thrown up a Question & Answer Thread on the Pashnit Forum about endurance riding in case you'd like to post up your thoughts. Officially sanctioned event by the Iron Butt Association, this rally is open to all. Log on to the PASHNIT FORUM HERE & let's hear your thoughts.


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Shot along California Big Sur Pacific Coastline, Nacimiento Rd, Santa Rosa Creek Rd, Hwy 229 (aka Rossi's Driveway), Hwy 108-Sonora Pass, Granite Rd, Hwy 155, Hwy 190-Western Divide Hwy, Yosemite & Kings Canyon National Parks. Canyon decent footage is Kings Canyon NP.

Filmed by Trackday Videographer Kevin Fanady & Pashnit owner Tim Mayhew. Directed & Produced by Kevin Fanady of Shot entirely with the GoPro HD Video Camera - Click Here to Purchase yours at Love the vid? Ride on this tour! Learn more at!

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