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Red Band™ USB Cables
3BR 202-0058-39
USB Micro Right Angle LEFT, 39" Length

  • Charges Android and Windows Smartphones in as little as half the time compared to a standard USB data cable when plugged into a generic USB Charger
  • USB Type B Micro Right Angle LEFT plug for less strain on your Smartphone connector
  • 39 inch cable is perfect length for home, work or auto charging.
  • Charging cable only. NOT a data cable. Cannot be used for data transfer
What is a Red Band™ Smartphone Quick-Charge Cable and why do I need one?

Red Band™ USB Smartphone Quick-Charge Cables looks like standard USB data cables but have the built-in ability to signal smartphones such as Android™ or Windows™ to charge at full rate when plugged into any “dumb” charger such as car chargers, wall adapters or 3BR Powersports TAPP series of all-weather USB power ports.

Charging at full rate can reduce the charging time by as much as two hours and will easily keep up with power hungry applications such as GPS or video.

The Red Band cable was developed to take advantage of the smartphone’s ability to charge at different rates depending on the charging source.

Reduced charging rates are required when the smartphone is plugged into a computer to prevent overloading the computer’s USB port which may be limited to 500mA (0.5A).

The Red Band cable signals the Smartphone that it is connected to a dumb charger most of which are capable of providing current of 1.0A or more.

Red Band Smartphone Quick-Charge cables get their name from the red band that indicates that they are charging cables only and CANNOT be used as a data cable.

3BR 202-0058-39
USB Micro Right Angle LEFT, 39" Length


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For those of us that don't use apple products, every after market charger we buy still has that darn apple power port...ports that do not charge USB standard devices at full speed...This cable fixes that. I bought an 18w Anker Car Charger, with 1 USB standard port and 1 apple port. By using this cable on the apple port, I get full speed charging to my USB devices (example: AC mode on my android device). - Ted
I use this in the car, where even with the OEM charger used to take an hour only to go up 10%. This cable makes that a thing of the past - 60 minutes = 40% jump! - Ryan
This is a quality cable that allows you to keep the unit in just about any position while plugged in. Cheaper cables (I have another brand) have a poor fit and feel like they're damaging my Kindle when plugged in. This one goes in smooth and stays connected. - Steve
The standard power cord that comes with the Kindle Fire HD is ok, but when you use this one, it has a right angle to the left which allows you to keep the Kindle Fire HD charging when in landscape mode with certain cases (rooCase Origami). So, you can watch a movie and keep the unit plugged in and charging. There are other cords that have a right angle, but this is the only one that I have tested that is compatible with the higher capacity charger for the Kindle Fire HD. Others quit working in just a few days. - Mark
This is a "Charge Only" cable for Android and Windows type phones. It follows USB standards for "Wall Outlet" style chargers capable of greater than 500ma charging by shorting the two data lines going to the phone. The short signals the phone it is OK to charge at full capacity (Charging AC) instead of 500ma (Charging USB). Most aftermarket chargers are wired to be compatible with Apple iPhone product line which do not follow USB standards. Now I can run my phone (HTC Thunderbolt) on my motorcycle with all the apps I like to run and the battery will be fully charged still at the end of the day! - Will



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