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Pazzo Racing Levers
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Engrave Pazzo Levers wtih your favorite phrase or slogan
GET ENGRAVED - Click for pics
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BMW Ducati Honda Kawasaki Suzuki Triumph Yamaha

Pazzo Levers have become wildly popular in the US and they can be an eye-catching custom upgrade for your bike. Pazzos replace your stock set and come in two sizes- short & long. The levers also come in a multiple of anodized colors and combinations plus have applications for a large repertoire of motorcycle brands and models.

Clutch and Brake Levers are CNC Machined of 6061-T6 billet aluminum to precise tolerances. Both clutch and brake levers are fully adjustable fasteners and cadmium plated custom made springs. Pazzos even come in a variety of colors to match your bike. And... your new Pazzos will take only minutes to install. Just remove your old levers, and re-insert the new ones.

Pazzo Racing Levers come in two lengths- deciding is simply a matter of preference and style. Long levers have a small inset 1-1/4 inches from the end of the lever to provide a break-away point in a garage tip-over or otherwise. Short levers typically won't contact the ground (bar ends hit first). Yes, you can get size combos. A small percentage of riders will order a Long Clutch, Short Brake - no extra charge This is also a matter of personal preference and may just depend on your bike.

The manufacture website is; you'll need to use the Application Chart to match up your motorcycle, plus obtain part numbers, length, lever color & adjuster lever color. If you bike isn't listed, the odds are Pazzo doesn't cover it. However, if you know your bike is a match for a similar year or model, it's worth asking.

The pic above is of the Pazzos on my Hayabusa (blue shorties) and I've put over 20,000 travel miles on the bike with these levers. They still show like the day I got them and are a fantastic match to the look and style of the mighty Hayabusa. They look awesome! You will love yours!!

Custom Engraving !!

You can get the words of your choice imprinted on your set of Pazzo Levers for your bike up to 15 characters. Just the left side brake lever can be engraved with your favorite phrase, slogan or website. See pics of engraved Pazzo levers...

Why you can't live without a set of Pazzo Levers

Lever Colors: Black, Blue, Gold, Red, Silver, or Titanium

Adjuster Colors: Black, Blue, Gold, Red, Silver, Titanium, Bright Purple, Orange, Green

Sleek, supple, eye-catching design.

Break-away tips on the long levers

Custom engraving option

Instant plug & play. Replaces existing levers.

arrow CNC Machined of 6061-T6 billet aluminum

ENGRAVE Pazzo Lever Option - Click for pics!!

Now you can have your favorite word, slogan, screen name or how about engraved in your set of Pazzo Levers.

 bullet point Upgrade your levers for just 15 bucks!

 bullet point Engraving = Custom order. Few days extra for assembly.

 bullet point Engraving is limited to 15 characters - Yes, spaces count.

 bullet point Phrase will be engraved on the LEFT lever. (Right already has Pazzo logo)

 bullet point Note the color Silver cannot be engraved.

Buy Now: Pazzo Racing Levers

How to Order:
1) Obtain correct Part Number, Choose Length, Lever Color, Adjuster Color & Motorcycle to order a set
2) If you would like a long clutch, short brake combo, specify: c-long, b-short.

3) Click the Add to Cart Link to Purchase
4) Pazzos can only be shipped to USA address.

Choose Colors:
Black, Blue, Gold, Red, Silver or Titanium
Black, Blue, Gold, Red, Silver, Titanium, Bright Purple, Orange, Green

1st Text Box:
Short, Blue Lever, Gold Adj, Engrave: My Slogan
2nd Text Box:
F-14/S-14, 09 Suzuki Hayabusa

Price Reduction!  - Now $169 Price Reduction! : $168.99
Engraved Set: $183.99

Pazzo Levers: SHORT or LONG - $168.99

Step 1: Specify Length, Lever Color AND Adj Color
Step 2: Specify Part #'s AND Motorcycle

Note Increased Lead Time: Add 2-3 weeks shipping for engraved sets

Step 1: Specify Length, Lever Color AND Adj Color, Engrave what?
Step 2: Specify Part #'s AND Motorcycle
Before you Checkout...
What else do you need?

Ordering Details:

Paypal accepts eCheck, Debit cards, Visa, MC, Amex, & Discover. Multi-Item Order? Add items to your shopping cart Custom order? Email. Pazzo Levers can be only be shipped to USA address.

Credit card via phone? - Visa/MC, Discover, AMEX - call 530-391-1356

Questions or Phone Order preferred?
Call: 530-391-1356, 9-4 PST M-F
Email: pashnit33 at

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