Open letter to Pashnites.

August Progress Report: Thus far, I'm really pleased with the new homepage, pics are really cool. One year ago, I had a brain bleed stroke while leading a motorcycle tour and was sitting in ICU for a while. Life just came to a stop for a while. (story is on the site) The goal since then has always been to rebuild, but sometimes you need a starting point and go from there. What you see for the moment is just the skeleton of the Pashnit site though. The old site is indeed gone. I don't have access to that server anymore and it was wildly cost-prohibitive to continue with it. It was costing thou$ands to host it, maintain it, and run it.

All the new road pages (hundreds of them) will be completely rebuilt, re-written, and ideally re-photographed although that's tough to do. It will take years. I have a normal 9-5 job, kids, wife, it's all up at 4am stuff 7 days a week to work an extra 1-2 hours/day on building this. The Mattole Rd page I just finished and that took me two weeks to take the original 1600-word description up to 6000 words. It's verbose and way overly-detailed, but I like that writing style so we're stuck with that. There if you need it, skip over if you don't. And lots and lots of big screen filling pics, more pics the better.

The new site will be all free access, no more $20 subscriptions to the MotoRoads pages, no ads or other gunk, but long-time members have already asked if it was okay to donate to 'the cause' so I threw up a donate link in the footer.

The software is way different that building HTML by hand using Dreamweaver or Frontpage, it has every possible option for building a site, including forum software. Not sure about adding a forum, I ran the Pashnit Forum for many years but I think Forums are somewhat obsolete technology due to Facebook. I miss the old days actually of the mid-2000's when everybody was on a forum and interacted together, shared pics and trip stories. That was a fun time. Those days are gone though. Really unsure if I should build a forum on the new site, I don't see the need

when you have FB. When I built my 38,000 member forum, FB didn't exist yet. Times change and we with them.

Each footer does have a option for joining a mailing list & I did a monthly newsletter for many years, so newsletter software is also built into the Wix software. Used to pay a lot of money to send those newsletters, now it's simply something built into the existing site. The Pashnit Blog is already built, but not visible, I'm not sure what to do with it.

There are just six roads listed for the moment, and so I’ll expand off that. Been tinkering with the template a lot plus trying to get input and opinions on what's missing, what it needs, etc, opinions in general so feel free to pull up one of the roads pages and throw in your two cents. Need those opinions & feedback before I get too far in. Too many mistakes were made by me 20 years ago when I started writing the site. I had no idea what I was building or what a global phenomenon Pashnit would become.

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