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Updated: Aug 27, 2018

After 20 years... It's time to rebuild the empire. In 1999, was born as a mere idea. We didn't know what we were building. We didn't know how to build it. Times were simple. We like motorcycles. We like roads. We like travel. We want to share our Passion with fellow riders. "You have to see this road!" It was that simple.

And California Motorcycle Roads was born.

Within a few years, became the world's largest repository of information about riding California Roads. Over 600 pages of text, thousands of road photos, and maps. Oh how we love maps, an encyclopedia was born, written for you, our fellow rider.

What is Pashnit and why should you use it?

Pashnit it is a tool. Designed for riders. We are about the ride. And if you've ever wondered about, Where to ride, California Roads, Places to ride, New places to discover, this site is for you. Hate to miss a good road? has always been a simple idea. Focus on how it feels to ride.

Them vs. Us

Our favorite example sits above. Your GPS just routed you from Bakersfield to Lake Isabella up Hwy 178. Seems simple enough. Hwy 178 has some fun curves in the narrow canyon portion at the bottom- quick, tight, but short. It's busy, well-traveled and lots of traffic. Imagine if you did your homework in advance. Did you notice the little side-road on the south side of the canyon? Passed right by it. Didn't even know it was there. That's because no one knows it is there. Kern Canyon Road is one of the best sleeper roads in the entire state of California. Zero side roads, goaty but fun pavement, zero center line and it drops you off in Bodfish just up the road from a great Mexican restaurant.

Dig in dear rider, explore the world around you. Share in our decades of research. It's all there for you to discover what really moves you.

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