The year was 1999.

Prince was promising a party.
Y2K was about to crash every computer on earth creating global chaos.

...and Pashnit was launched. A simple hand-built site. No grand plan. No web skills. A second hand 35mm camera, film prints, a flatbed scanner and a Kawasaki ZX-11D. Basic writing skills, no spell correction. There was one simple motivation.


"I have to tell someone about this road!" (pronounced 'passionate') was built to provide you insight on where to ride in California. Started by uploading 30 pages of roads, Pashnit soon grew 10x that number into the largest website in the world dedicated to exploring California Motorcycle Roads. Those initial 30 simple web pages grew to over 600 pages of text, thousands of photos & maps, and comprising 241,138 files. California Motorcycle Roads quickly became a must see for any motorcyclist planning the Next Big Ride.

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California Motorcycle Roads

Intelligence on
EVERY Good Road in the state.

For the Love of the Ride.

Dear Pashnite,
The 1999-era California Motorcycle Roads you have used for the last 20 years to plan your rides has been retired.
Two decades later, it's time to rebuild. At present, there are only a few pages of roads completed. There are more coming. A lot of work will go into building a site like this from scratch. Your patience is requested. It will take time. Thousands of hours, years actually. I think only a crazy person would attempt a project like this. Which is why there is no equal. The original California Motorcycle Roads had 300 webpages of roads, 600 pages of text, thousands of photos, tens of thousands of links and was made up of 241,148 files. I would like to double that. It will take time to rebuild this site so check back from time to time. I appreciate your support over the last 20 years. Hundreds more road pages are coming.


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The all-new  California Motorcycle Roads will be 100% free to access, 100% ad free, and all meat & potatoes information on where to ride.
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Latest NEW Road

Highway 245
The 4-year-old in church

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Ever sat with a 4-year-old in church?

One of the twistiest roads in the state, an energized romp in Central California Foothills near Sequoia National Park
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Latest NEW Road

Highway 49 - Yuba Pass

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Perfect Day Ride.

Highway 49 Yuba Pass is a delightful motorcycle road steeped in 1850s Gold Rush history. Plan a day ride up this twisty mountain pass and allow lot of extra time to explore spider roads, covered bridges (two!), gold mines turned state parks, and small town lore.
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Latest NEW Road

See the all new page about


Stay tuned! Many new roads are coming!

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Planning our 18th Year of Pashnit Motorcycle Tours

Your Pashnit Motorcycle Tour is the result of nearly 30 years of exploration, 300,000 miles of riding, tens-of-thousands of photographs, and hundreds of pages of text- all about California!
We have posted up the schedule for the 2021 ride season and it's selling out quickly. We expect to be sold out by the end of January 2021 for the entire ride season. Your tour guide at Pashnit Motorcycle Tours has compiled a thrilling combination of motorcycle roads, the very best in lodging, and great food to top it off.
These roads have been our personal playground for years, and over time we’ve plotted out the best riding in California for you on your own motorcycle holiday. We’ll show you places and roads easily missed and passed over by the crowd. Our ride season extends March through October and we look forward to riding with you. 80% of our participants are return customers, Riders become family and we have several riders who have been on over 50 tours.

Click Here to view the coming 2021 Pashnit Motorcycle Tours season.




Sierra Pacific

All new Pashnit Motorcycle Tour
May 28, 2021

The one we forgot about.

Fifteen years ago, I designed & ran a 4-day tour through the northern Sierra Nevada range, across the Trinity & Marble Wilderness regions near the Oregon border and on over to the Pacific Coastline returning back south along the ocean. We did this tour a single time and I had long since forgotten about this route as it was nearly two decades ago.  Read more...


Crater Lake

All new Pashnit Motorcycle Tour

September 3, 2021

Ever been out riding...

...And come upon the ultimate combination of twists and turns, elevation change and scenery galore. All the while screaming inside your helmet, "I've got to tell someone about this road- this is a rip roarin' hoot!"
While we talk with reverence about Southern Oregon in our northern backyard, what no one is telling you is there's a southern band of delightful mountain roads stretching across the southern half of the state.
We're going to ride them one after the other.  Read more...


Southern Foothills

April 23, 2021
Pashnit Motorcycle Tour

Ride the Southern Sierra Foothills

Here's the punchline before we get to the pitch...

When I first planned this route, we thought we'd hit the jackpot. The tour concept seemed simple at the time. Non-stop twisties through sparely populated rolling ranchland. Grassy hills that heave and sigh. Where road crews cut around hilltops instead of through them. Where roads cling to the contours of the land.
Then we realized we'd plotted out a 200-mile stretch of backroad riding with nary a gas station in sight for the length of the ride. That may seem an insignificant detail, yet it's a juicy clue to what's in store when we ride the...


Classic NorCal

September 24, 2021
Pashnit Motorcycle Tour

Ride the Classic NorCal

Come ride the NorCal Motorcycle Tour!
When they come from miles around to ride these roads, you know there's only one thing in store for you! Our Northern California 3-Day Tour rides through beautiful Marin County, Hwy 1 Pacific Coastline before finally reaching NorCal's Ultimate Ride-Highway 36. This ride covers a hand-picked set of roads where the ride is why you're here! We'll ride the Trinity Alps and climb to elevations over 5000 feet offering up stunning views & great curves!!
This is a tour where you can always see the next curve!



July 16, 2021
Pashnit Motorcycle Tour

The Perfect Tour

After threatening to retire the Coast Range tour, I was quickly chastised and reprimanded by fellow riders that have been on this tour.
"It's the perfect tour," they exclaimed.

The right balance of roads, magazine cover scenery, Pacific Ocean views, and perfect roads. Add all that together with a room overlooking the ocean and a catered dinner with friends, it likely is the Perfect Tour.
We'll keep the Coast Range Tour in the roster for July 2021.

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