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About the Author of Pashnit

Tim Mayhew has devoted nearly 30 years to photographing and writing about California roads. His tireless efforts on the California Motorcycle Roads web site have spread across the globe becoming the definitive guidebook about motorcycle travel in California. Tim's work on the Pashnit website has gained a global audience and has often been called one of the best motorcycling sites on the web.

Feature articles about Tim have appeared in Cycle World Magazine, City Bike, Motorcycle Tour & Travel and the debut issue of Road Trip Magazine

Tim's motorcycle travels have gotten the attention of National Geographic, Rider, Motorcyclist, Motorcycle Tour & Travel,  American Motorcyclist, BMW North America, Honda Riders Association of America, numerous newspapers and even the cable channel Outdoor Life Network. Tim has been interviewed on FOX40 Television, Cycle Talk Radio and done public speaking on motorcycle travel for BMW.

The noted author and photographer has led professional motorcycle tours across California, Oregon and Nevada for 18 years, led tours for the staff of Cycle World Magazine and written travel articles for Friction Zone Magazine and Cycle World. Tim offers his enthusiasm and fascination for California Motorcycle Roads to you in person with California's premier tour company having led 1.4 Million combined miles of guided motorcycle tours.

In 2017, Tim Mayhew experienced a brain hemorrhage while leading a motorcycle tour in Southern California. Read the story here... Stroked.


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