Swords, Saw Blades & Throwing Stars

It was summer. We had a stick welder. And we had a pile of scrap metal, And we had just watched Conan. And there was no adult supervision. Arnold and Wilt Chamberlin took out the baddies with giant swords. So we made swords. Not those flimsy foam ones you get at the Dollar Store that the dog likes to eat. Real swords. We took bar stock & welded on a handle, took the angle grinder and sharpened a point, then ground down both sides of the bar stock until it was sharp enough to chop wood (we tried, an axe worked better). Then we had real sword fights. With real swords. It was fun. No one got stabbed, no one lost an arm, although we must have mimicked Monty Python's Holy Grail a hundred times. They were heavy though. Which limited our time we could sword fight.

Then we heard about fencing. Which has nothing to do with fences. Back to the scrap metal pile. We found a thin rod, welded it on a 3 inch diameter cutlass and welded on a handle and sharpened the tip. Done, we could go fencing now. They also worked great for throwing. The good guys always did that.

Then we saw a ninja movie. Ninjas always had throwing stars. We tried cutting them out of sheet metal, but that never worked very well to keep them symmetrical. They would fly off in all sorts of random directions. Then we discovered a pile of old circular saw blades. We found sixteen of them in assorted sizes. 6”,8”, and the grand daddy of them all the 12” diameter circular saw blade- we had two of those. We sharpened both sides all the way around with the grinder and those worked great. We were Ninjas.

Imagine kids throwing circular saw blades through the air. That was a normal summer day. It was a different time. Somehow, we all lived.

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